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The Twisted Scissor Mind Control

Aiden is in a league of her own. She has a twisted way of breaking down your spirit, manipulating your thoughts and controlling your actions with the power of scissors. Once she has you between her thighs, your mind and body belong to HER! At first, you may struggle, but in time, you'll realize that obeying is your ONLY choice. This guy will never be the same after this. She starts by warning him not to touch her legs. She then squeezes him so hard and so tight, he can't bear it and has to grab them in a struggle to breathe again. She reminds him that disobeying her rule will result in her locking his wrists together, taking away even more control. Unfortunately, her ridiculously tight reverse headscissor has him pawing at her legs in desperation. She locks his wrists. Now she forces him on his knees while she uses the swing to fly towards him with her legs open and snapping shut on his neck. Aiden's series of scissor mind control goes on for almost 20 minutes. By the end, she has him utterly terrified of her legs. Aiden takes dominance and cruelty to a whole new level thanks to the unearthly power of her thighs.
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Scissor Challenge 209

This is a continuation of Aiden's best selling video "The Top-Secret Scissor SWAT Unit". After apprehending her suspect, she secretly locks him up in a small cage in her private dungeon. After being held captive for months, Aiden gives him an opportunity to be set free. If he can escape her reverse headscissors in 10 minutes, his prison term will be over. Now, Aiden's got one of the sexiest but deadliest reverse headscissors in the business so this is NO easy feat but what other choice does he have? He lays on top of his cage as Aiden slowly wraps her strong thighs around his neck, locks her ankles and tightens her grip. He must try and escape because his freedom depends on it. Unfortunately the pain is too much to bear and every time he tries, her grip gets tighter and more intolerable. By the end, he is in rough shape but Aiden on the other hand is loving every minute of it and just to add to his misery, she tightens up and knocks him out. When he wakes up, she leads him back to his cage unsure if he'll ever see the light of day again.
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Breath Play 3

If you ever wondered how sadistic Aiden can be, look no further. Doing a Breath Play with her was right up her alley. Her true colors really come out and she enjoys herself so much, she doesn't want to stop and keeps going for an extra 6 minutes (16 minutes total video time). Unfortunately for Jay, we've never seen his face so beet red from lack of oxygen. If it wasn't her hand completely covering his mouth and blocking his nose, it was her inner thighs clenching so tight that no oxygen can pass through. She does this with the sexiest, most evil smile too. This is truly a test of tolerance and we can actually say that Jay barely makes it out alive. Well, that is until Aiden finishes him off with a neck breaking scissor. What a show!
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Dungeon Battle

If you like fast pace mixed wrestling action, then get ready for the beating of a lifetime. We've never seen what Aiden is really capable of doing until now. She's already one of our top Foxes and has now bumped it up a notch. Aiden is so fast in this video and did not give her opponent a chance to counter even though he tried. Wearing that tight latex catsuit really helped Aiden gain that extra grip. Her scissors are beyond unbearable and her other locks and holds have him screaming in agony. She is mean as she is sadistic and finishes him off with a deadly reverse headscissor Neck Breaker! Enjoy! She certainly did.
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POV: Breathless!

For all of you who haven't felt the wrath of Aiden or for those who have and are craving more, here is your chance to experience the ultimate scissor session. She is the queen of tormenting and loves scissoring just as much, if not more, than you do. This video shows both point of views (victim's and Aiden's) starting with the front headscissor where you have no choice but to face her as she demeans you. She then locks you in a reverse which is simply breathtaking and I mean that in many ways. Not only is the view of Aiden's ass amazing but her ability to totally cut off your air supply with her inner thighs is enough to keep any man under her complete control. Watch his face turn deep purple as he frantically struggles to breathe. She then kicks it into full gear and executes a KO. Just another reason to love Aiden even more.
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Life in Scissors 3: Survival

Aiden's prisoner continues to serve his life as her squeeze toy. It takes everything in him to survive the daily abuse plus Aiden seems to get more sadistic every time she lets him out of his cage. First, she steps onto his back with her stilettos so she can grab the gym rings and perform some mind blowing scissor holds. She then teases him with water which he has to earn by enduring even more pressure from her elite thighs. When she finally gives him some, she stuffs his shirt in his mouth and locks his jaw with her reverse, making him panic like crazy! It finally ends with her promoting him to a bigger cage but not before knocking him out twice in a row while moving him closer and closer into it. Make sure to catch this epic chapter!
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The Top-Secret Scissor SWAT Unit

If you have the Scissor SWAT Unit after you, consider yourself a dead man, or at least broken. Aiden is one of few women on this unit and her legs are trained to extract information by compressing large amounts of pressure on one's neck and skull. SWAT, which signifies Special Weapons And Tactics, describes Aiden perfectly. Her vice-like scissors are her Special Weapons and her Tactics are borderline illegal. At one point, she clenches him in a tight reverse and keeps him unconscious for an entire 20 seconds. After waking up in complete distraught, she puts him out again with a front headscissor. Now this is a new level of torture no one should EVER experience!
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Life in Scissors 2: Body Bag

It has been hell for this poor slave. Once a free man must now face a lifetime of scissors by a dom with no mercy. Previously, Aiden forced her slave into a body bag and left him there overnight. It is now morning and she eagerly wakes him up to crush him some more. The body bag keeps him immobilized, allowing her to scissor at will. Her legs get stronger and stronger by the day and the pain more unbearable. She fans herself to stay cool as she cranks up the pressure. She doesn't stop until he finally loses consciousness. How much longer can he go on like this? Only time will tell.
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Life in Scissors

There is absolutely NO escape! Trust me, he has tried and it has only made things worse. Jay must spend the rest of his life suffering between Aiden's deadly scissors. Everyday she takes him out of his cage or other restraints and practices some of her most dangerous scissor holds on him. He must endure everything she dishes out which is terribly harsh. Aiden also LOVES knocking him out. It helps remind him who's in control and what WILL happen if he tries to escape again.
(to be continued)
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Scissor Challenge 175:
Xtreme Restraints

Your favorite Dom is BACK and she takes cruel to a whole new level in this video. Here in Aiden's dungeon, you will find many bondage contraptions. Jay gets shackled to a very special bench. This bench positions his neck perfectly for Aiden to get comfy and apply a nice tight reverse headscissor for a very long time. How long? Let's just say Aiden was not finished with him after 10 minutes and continues to squeeze harder and harder for an extra 3 minutes. His sweaty face turns completely purple but that doesn't stop her from knocking him out cold after one of the most intense challenges to date. WoW! Welcome back Aiden!
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Military Bitch

Aiden acquired some very special skills and ruthless torture methods from the military. She will break you down and turn you into her little bitch. She starts off with unbreakable crushing scissors to immobilize her victim then slaps on some latex gloves to completely prevent him from breathing. Knockouts are also her specialty and always come in handy.
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Dom of Darkness 2

Prepare to be shocked by the sequel of one of her best selling videos. Aiden is a true delight but once she switches to DOM mode, you are in for unspeakable discipline. The Queen of Mean uses whips, heels and breath control to break her victim. She also strangles him with her whip while scissoring him then knocks him out with her deadly reverse.
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Scissor Challenge 142

If you have seen Aiden's other challenges, you know how terrifying it is for her victims. She laughs while Jay desperately fights for air. Just look how tight she gets him in her Figure-4 headscissors. Half way through, Aiden leans in with full torque, shutting blood flow to his brain. He later wakes up finding himself still trapped in this Figure-4 nightmare.
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Snap! You're Dead!

Aiden is as deadly as they come with her vise-like scissors and lightning quick reflexes. When Jay's contract gets outbid, he becomes the new target. He's about to find out just how lethal this sexy assassin really is. Jay begs, screams and cries for his life but Aiden puts an end to his humiliation with a swift front headscissor NECK BREAKER! SNAP!
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Crush Your Thirst

Oh sweet revenge! Aiden has her ex boyfriend right where she wants him. After days of getting squeezed by her wrenching scissors, he is dying of thirst. Aiden becomes mean and sadistic, throwing water in his face, toying with his emotions. She continues to crush his parched throat as he begs for water.
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Scissor Challenge 125

There is no escape! Aiden's thighs have made men cry and can knock them out at will. After minutes of suffering Aiden's intense reverse, Jay begs her to stop the challenge but she holds on tight the entire 10 minutes. With a subtle adjustment of her inner thighs, she cuts off his blood flow and Jay is off to lala land.
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Dangerous in Red

You're going to LOVE this one! We decided to do another semi competitive match with Aiden this time in red hot lycra pants. Jay doesn't stand a chance as she outmaneuvers him multiple times, forcing him into her brutally tight scissor holds. He tries everything to break free but in the end, suffers Aiden's reverse KNOCKOUT!
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Fox Academy: Officer Bitch

Aiden is BACK and she is STRONGER and MEANER than ever! As a member of the Fox Academy, Aiden is trained and committed to applying perfect scissors on her opponent, rendering him helpless and completely scared. Knockouts are also her specialty and she just LOVES doing them! Watch her put him out in a Figure-4!
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~Dom of Darkness~

Get a glimpse of Aiden's dark side as she cuts Jay down to size and absolutely dominates him. Between her harsh discipline and a scissorhold that can put any man out cold, Aiden is a top dom in our books. She holds no remorse for her victim as she squeezes him mercilessly until he goes limp from her death grip.
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~She Got Game!~

Aiden loses a bet on the big game and now owes Jay a long massage. She may be a sore loser but Jay is the one who is going to be really sore and feel like a big loser after making him cry between her strong legs. Aiden is very athletic with a deadly figure-4 which she uses to put this blabber mouth out cold.
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~Scissor Gags: Worst Nightmare~

While the girl's are partying upstairs, Jay is passed out downstairs. A couple of them decide to go down and harass Jay. Aiden is cruel and puts him in a super tight scissorhold to wake him up while his girlfriend laughs at his misfortune. This video is so good that we decided to give members more pics and clips from it.
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~Scissor Challenge 98~

She's back and Aiden has Jay right where she wants him. There is no chance of escaping her lethal front headscissor. Jay tries to buy his way out and pleas for her to let him go but if you've seen her other videos, you know that Aiden can be very vicious and mean when it comes to squeezing necks.
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~Dangerous in Latex~

She is quick! She is strong and those latex pants make her very dangerous! Aiden and Jay decide to do a semi competitive match and as he attempts to grapple her, she catches him in a deep front headscissor. From then on, it's one tight scissorhold after another until she knocks him out in a classic headscissor.
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~Pressure Gauge: Made in Canada~

Canadian girls rock and Aiden is here to prove it. In this video, she lets the viewers know how much pressure she is using on Jay as she slowly squeezes harder and harder for each scissorhold. As it gets tighter, Jay struggles to breathe and taps out but Aiden loves to taunt her victim and make them sweat.
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~Scissor Challenge 89~

Well, you wouldn't believe the power Aiden has by looking at her but her scissors grip your neck so tight, you'll be begging to get out. Watch as Jay starts freaking out as he tries to catch a breath. Aiden thinks he's acting and keeps on squeezing. She then finishes him off with a KO!
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~Scissor Gags: Captured!~

Aiden and her friend manage to pin Jay down and tie him up. They laugh at him as he hops around trying to get out. Aiden decides to take advantage and really embarrass him on camera by making him plea for mercy as she squeezes him between her strong legs.
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