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Toronto, Ontario
Tanya Steel & Alexa Fire
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Our new HOT duo are not your average girls. Not only are they sexy as hell but they also love wrestling each other for fun. Wearing provocative lingerie, Tanya and Alexa go at it using pillows, schoolgirl pins, headscissors and bodyscissors while laughing up a storm. Suddenly, a muffled sound comes from a pile of blankets in the corner. The girls stop their match and Tanya says: "Is he interrupting our playtime?" which Alexa responds: "Let's kick his f***ing ass!" The girls lift the blanket and reveal their slave with his wrists and ankles cuffed and his mouth taped shut. They both team up on him and take turns scissoring while the other either helps squeeze their legs together, doubling the pressure or punching him in the belly. At the end, Alexa tucks his neck deep into her figure-4 while Tanya reefs on her legs for an inevitable knockout. He wakes up freaked out since he's still being held captive in the same hold. He shouts at the girls telling them that he passed out already, terrified that it was going to happen again. They finally let him go, place their feet on his chest and strike a pose. These girls know how to have fun!
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Alexa Fire
Pressure Gauge: Locked & Loaded!

Her legs are locked tight and her guns are loaded! Alexa loves flexing her beautiful biceps for the camera as she squeezes her victim between her sinewy strong legs. She isn't just a pretty face. Alexa spends a lot of time dancing and hiking. When she pours on the pressure, you can feel her inner thighs trying to sever your head. At first, Alexa totally ignores what pressure she's using and squeezes full out. She was a little too eager to hurt her victim...lol. Venus had to remind her to start lower and slowly bring up the pressure. Alexa complies but the suffering only gets more intense. Her figure-4 is very dangerous and feels like a tight noose around the neck. She knows she can knock him out with it and warns him that she will. Jay is terrified but that doesn't stop her. She shimmies her legs to get a tighter grip and out he goes. Alexa is on FIRE!
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Alexa Fire
Stress Relief: Accidental Knockout!

Please welcome another hottie to ScissorFoxes. Alexa Fire is a close friend of Tanya's and although she isn't as big, she certainly has great muscle definition. You'll see when she flexes her biceps. This sexy brunette keeps fit by hiking, playing sports and has spent many years as a Latin dancer and a go-go dancer. Alexa decides to take advantage of our Stress Relief program. After paying the agent his fee, she gets to dish out all the abuse she wants and he must sit there and take it. Her strength catches him by surprise. Her classic headscissor is especially deadly. Alexa's lithe dancer's legs cut right into the neck. He goes completely ballistic!
True story: Before we began, Alexa wasn't sure if she could or would want to knock Jay out. Needless to say, she did accidentally. She had his head in a perfect 45 degree angle reverse/side scissor which cut off his circulation. He goes out for a few seconds then wakes up with Alexa unaware he was out and still squeezing with all her might. The terrified look on his face is priceless!
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