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Dom Shocked!

While expecting his wife and kids to arrive any minute, Jay gets an unusual visitor at his door. A hot blond woman dressed like a dominatrix pushes her way into his home and starts barking orders. Jay is confused and tries to tell her that she has the wrong guy but she doesn't buy it. Within seconds he is securely locked between her powerful legs with no chance of escaping. The possibility of his wife and kids seeing him like this is beyond horrifying but he can't break free from her superior grip. This could spell BIG trouble for Jay.
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Police Brutality

Officer Alya is well trained and in amazing shape. She spends most of her time in the gym strengthening her legs because even before she joined the force, she loved crushing men between them. Now she'll take any opportunity to squeeze the truth out of a criminal or even torture a prisoner while transferring him to jail. Alya makes sure they feel completely emasculated by her as she holds them in her scissor confinement. This time she goes too far and sentences him to death by her scissors!
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Office Pet

Alya loves being in charge at the office. She has a certain way of making her employees respect her. While being on an important phone call, she gets rudely interrupted by the new guy. She takes this opportunity to show him how things run on her watch. Alya is sexy, bossy and seducing. She teaches her new pet some of the tightest office policies.
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Scissor Challenge 159

Hot new Fox Alya has very strong dancer legs and a sexy Russian accent. She works out every day and has incredible stamina. You will notice this as Alya holds a constant death grip on Jay's neck the entire time, barely allowing him to breathe. To top it off, she threatens to break his neck if he fails to escape but tightens up every time he tries.
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