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Amazon Annie
Pressure Gauge: Queen of Squeeze

Well, they don't call her Queen of Squeeze for nothing. Jay learns this VERY quickly in this Pressure Gauge. The moment this 6 foot Amazon wraps her powerful thighs around him, it's a full out tap-fest. He can barely make it to 50% of her power in most scissorholds. Her first round of reverse headscissor, he's tapping out at 30%. Annie's bodyscissors are the tightest Jay has ever felt and has him tapping out like a mad man. She loves getting a reaction from him and keeps bringing him to his limits. After testing his threshold, Annie decides to test her knockout skills. She puts him in a reverse again and within 5 seconds, he is out and stays out for an entire 14 seconds! Annie finally lets him go when she hears those strange snoring sounds one makes when put to sleep by knockout. She then puts her foot on his chest and strikes a victory pose. Queen of Squeeze? You better believe it!
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Amazon Annie
Scissor Challenge 196

Jay was warned about Annie's incredible scissoring power. It wasn't until she wrapped those monstrous legs around his waist that she tells him she's going to break one of his ribs. Jay gets REAL scared REAL quick! Standing at 6 feet tall, Annie has plenty of leverage and as she squeezes, Jay recalls feeling like his guts turning to mush and his ribs bending in. She makes sure to crush and tenderize all parts of his body in this 10 minute challenge. Jay tries very hard to get out of this torture chamber but Annie's legs are MUCH too strong for him. As promised, Amazon Annie unleashes her power and cracks one of his ribs sending him in a euphoria of pain. Now don't try this at home.
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