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Amyleen Moore
You Crush My Car, I Crush Your Neck!

Based on a true story. Amyleen did have a guy run into her car and had to postpone our shoot. So when she finally arranged a rental car to come and do videos soon after, she had a LOT of built up rage. In this scenario, Amyleen was given false insurance information. She manages to track down this asshole and shows up at his house wearing tight fitted Dom gear knowing full well someone was getting hurt. Needless to say, she completely destroys his neck like he did her car. She knocks his sorry ass out twice and steals his money to reimburse the damage. Now this is one girl you do NOT want to piss off!
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Amyleen Moore
Scissor Challenge 186

The HOT Canadian sadist with the sexy French accent is at it again! This girl just loves seeing men suffer but loves it even more when they pass out. Remember we told you that we had to ask Amyleen to ease up a bit but after her last video? Do you think she listened? NO! After a long excruciating challenge between her strong thighs, she alternates from a reverse to a reverse figure-4 headscissor waiting until the end to knock Jay out twice in a row and making him regret ever saying anything. His reaction says it all!
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Amyleen Moore
Pressure Gauge: Knockout Addict

We were very happy to find Amyleen Moore in our neck of the woods and how extremely pumped she was to work with us. After checking out her C4S store, we knew we had a real knockout queen on our hands but nothing could prepare Jay for this. One of our past victim's had warned Jay about how strong Amyleen was and how he had been knocked out numerous times by her. Her obsession to knock Jay out is very apparent as she puts him out 3 times and almost a couple times more. He suffered so much in this Pressure Gauge video, we actually had to tell her to ease up a bit in the next videos. Whether she does or not remains to be seen.
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Amyleen Moore
Choke Chain for Men

Our newest Fox may be as sadistic as they get when it comes to torturing men but she is also known as an avid pet lover. So when she witnessed her neighbor using a choke chain on his dog with unnecessary force, it sparked a rage like no other. The smoking hot dominatrix now has the abusive asshole right where she wants him and she's about to show him her choke chain for men. Her legs may not be chains but they are hard as steel. Amyleen gets a kick out of seeing men cry and boy can she ever squeeze the panic out of them. The combination of her fueled anger and strong legs end up snapping his neck. So make sure to treat your pets with love because you never know who's watching.
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