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Annie Rivieccio & Samantha Muscle
Killer Bitches 2

Meet Annie and Samantha. Two muscle bound friends with one key thing in common; they love to kill men between their strong thighs. So much so, they got into the habit of breaking into hotel rooms to search for their prey. Both gorgeous women enter one gentleman's room while asleep and wrap their legs around his head and body before he has time to realize what was happening. He now knows how it feels to have his head in a vise. He screams in terror while Annie and Samantha take turns crushing different parts of his body turning him into putty. At one point Annie actually scissors his crotch area while Samantha has him in a tight figure-4. They also assist each other by scissoring one another's scissorhold to double the pressure. This shows to be very effective and gets a huge panic filled reaction from their victim. In the end, while Annie is squeezing his torso, Samantha has him in a tight reverse headscissor and snaps his neck like a twig. These Killer Bitches enjoyed every minute of it and we're positive that you will too!
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Annie Rivieccio & Samantha Muscle
Scissor Challenge 200:
Double Muscle!

WARNING! Do NOT try this unless you have a death wish! We knew we had to do something BIG for our 200th Challenge. It's quite the milestone for us! So we were very fortunate to have the outstanding Annie Rivieccio and her amazing friend Samantha Muscle in the same room. Now again, this is not for the faint of heart but Jay is a sucker for punishment. He even had to stop the video twice because these women were relentless at making sure this video kicked ass! First, Annie's reverse had SO much pressure, there was blood in Jay's mouth within the first couple of minutes. It's insane what this woman can do to a man's skull. After taking a timeout with her, she puts him back in and squeezes harder than ever. Then, after 9 minutes of what no man should have to endure, she releases his head but pins his wrists so that Samantha can come in and start her 10 minute challenge. With his neck already in pain and desperate to catch his breath, Jay is in deep panic mode. Samantha does not let up and her reverse is simply amazing. SOOO tight that you feel yourself on the edge of consciousness the entire time. These legs are built for knockouts and the minute she constricts her glutes, it's lights out! Jay's body goes into some type of thrashing while he's out then wakes up totally dazed and confused. Both girls then take the opportunity to celebrate their victory with a long flex off. Big muscles! Big Panic! Big knockout! What more can you ask for?
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Annie Rivieccio
Quadzilla: Queen of the Crushers!

Please welcome our 100th ScissorFox, the Sexy Muscle Goddess, Annie Rivieccio! With 16" massive biceps, 16.5" bulging calves and 25" monstrous thighs, you'll see why we dubbed her Quadzilla: Queen of the Crushers! Annie puts Jay through some of the most horrific, panic filled moments of his life. When she clamps down with those concrete pillars, you can see absolute desperation and utter fear for his life. At one point, she has him in a standing side throat scissor and demands that he looks up at her amazing biceps as she flexes them or she'll squeeze harder. He tries to turn his head but her grip won't allow it. Annie laughs at his unfortunate dilemma and delivers the pain as promised. She also adds nipple torture, face slapping, belly punching, hand over mouth, some prolific hardcore thrusting headscissors and ends with a rib bending bodyscissor! You would be crazy to miss this!
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