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Scissor Challenge 121

Arabelle has everything going for her. She has a supermodel look, an amazing body and to top it off, INSANELY strong legs made for squeezing. Watch Jay's face turn into different shades of blue as Arabelle holds on brutally tight the entire time then props herself up on her chair delivering blows of crushing pain!
  Added May-27-2011
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Barbershop of Horrors

Jay has refused a haircut for too long so Arabelle finally takes control of the situation. After tying him up, she secures his neck using her strong leg scissors and then starts chopping his hair with her other scissors. Jay tries to struggle but that only causes Arabelle to tighten her grip nearly chopping his head off.
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Pressure Gauge: Princess of Power

Her supermodel look will make you melt like putty in her hands and her big strong legs can crush you into, well, putty. Arabelle squeezed Jay so hard in this video that she had to take a long break before shooting her next one. She also didn't want to stop increasing pressure and Jay suffered big time for it.
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~Dangerous Grounds~

After breaking in and stealing the cash box from a local hair studio, the burglar tries to escape the back. Unfortunately for him, he runs into the owner, a tall beautiful blonde with a very short fuse. Her big strong legs quickly wrap around the intruder, using her anger to fuel her anaconda grip and making him pay dearly.
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