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Montreal, QC
Black Tiger
Scissor Challenge 207

Black Tiger is an absolute beast! Her scissors are so much stronger than you would ever imagine. With all the videos Jay has done with her, we are very surprised he didn't wind up in the hospital. To be trapped in her reverse headscissors for 10 minutes is a death wish. Her scissors feel like you're being crushed by boa constrictor, leaving little to no air for her prey. Tiger eggs him on to try and escape but after many failed attempts, it takes everything in him to not quit the challenge. At one point, Jay told us he kept repeating "It's almost over" in his head just to try and bear it. Then, without warning, he feels her constrict her glutes with endless force as they start to quiver. His eyes suddenly roll back and his body twitches. He's out! You do NOT want to mess with this girl!
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Black Tiger
Semi-Comp: Heavy Beatdown!

If you've seen Black Tiger in action, you know how brutal she can be on her victims. Her scissors can strike fear into any man and bring them to tears screaming for mercy. Now you get to see her wrestling skills. Tiger is very well trained so it's no surprise the beating her opponent receives. When the match starts, she rushes in and picks him off the floor with a bear hug. She then continues her quest to destroy him by bending him in a Boston crab, camel clutch, grapevine and many other holds. Of course her scissors nearly put him over the edge which she combines with hand over mouth and choke holds. Black Tiger proves herself as a very dangerous fighter and strikes a pose over her broken male opponent.
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Black Tiger
Pressure Gauge: Panic Blitz!

If there's one thing Jay has learned from his years of being scissored, it's to NEVER underestimate the power of a black woman. Some of you already know this and those who don't, simply watch the extreme panic the lovely Black Tiger can inflict with her legs. She is a mean and vicious one indeed. Unlike our other Pressure Gauge videos, Tiger decides to go for a blitz attack, starting her pressure around 70% and going up until he's gurgling and flailing like crazy. To top it off, she barely gives him any time to recover between moves which he so desperately needs. Check out this girl's biceps. It's no wonder she knocks him out with a sleeperhold. Black Tiger is a force to be reckoned with!
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Black Tiger
WOW! That's So Mean!

WARNING! If you can't handle watching hardcore panic, then this video isn't for you! We had to stop this video 3 times because Jay couldn't handle the power of Black Tiger. Our new Fox is as lovely as she is deadly. With years of wrestling experience and legs built to destroy, she brings Jay to levels of fear no man should endure. Some people may think he's nuts for having his hands and feet tied behind him while being crushed by such a strong woman, especially when Black Tiger doesn't stop squeezing until he is either thrashing around, gasping for air or yelling "CUT!". WOW! That's SOOOO Mean!
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