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Pressure Gauge: French Lesson

The sexy French wrestler Brooke is about to show Jay just how much pressure her legs can dish out. As she increases the pressure for every scissorhold, Brooke announces the percentage in French but the only thing Jay understands is the pain. You can tell how much Brooke loves watching him panic as she lights up every time he screams. Bravo!
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Kill Jay: Volume 2

After getting destroyed and knocked out twice by Mutiny in Volume 1, Brooke takes over and finishes Jay off. Her scissors are insanely strong. Mutiny rams Jay's neck deeper into Brooke's thighs, generating much more pain. For the big finisher, Brooke puts Jay out in a revere figure-4 as both girls crank on her leg.
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Brooke -vs- Mutiny
Foxes Gone Wild!

Hot, fast pace, high energy Fox vs Fox action! Two of the sexiest female wrestlers face each other on the mats wearing skin tight body suits. This 17 minute video features tons of scissors and various other holds. Brooke & Mutiny then team up on Jay, crushing him with their strong thighs until he passes out.
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Scissor Challenge 133

Brooke is WAY stronger than she looks! She shocked everyone with her strength and stamina. Just watch the video and you'll see that Jay is in big trouble. Brooke loves being in control and continues to squeeze until he turns purple. When Jay's 10 minutes are up, Brooke uses 100% of her power and puts him out cold.
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