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Cali Kobra
Scissor Challenge 211

We've been working with Cali for quite some time now and she's definitely a fan favorite. One day, she and Jay decided to try out some unique scissors. They wanted to incorporate a calf scissor since Cali has beautiful muscular calves from her years in dancing. She also liked the idea of forcing him to stare at her amazing ass. Once in position, Jay wondered what would happen if he stuck his arms between her thighs and what do you know, he was completely immobilized. We broke out the camera and started filming. Jay actually tries to pull his hands free but they are very much trapped and, every time he fails, Cali puts on the SQUEEEEZE. He couldn't believe how helpless he was but at the same time, surprisingly pleased by his situation. In the meantime, Cali taunts him while checking out some of her old stills on the ScissorFoxes website. When the challenge is over, Cali is so comfortable, she decides to hold him there for the rest of the day. What better way to spend the afternoon?
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Cali Kobra
Scissor Challenge 203

It's been over a year since we last seen Cali and this ex-gymnast had a few new tricks up her sleeves. She warned us that her legs were stronger than ever and she wasn't kidding. You'll especially notice how her calves bulge out more and yes, she got a boob job. When her old friend Jay walks into the room, Cali asks him to spot her while she brushes up on her gymnastics. She goes up into a handstand and while he is holding her legs, she scoops his head in and crushes it for our first reverse headscissor handstand. She then takes him down to the floor and goes into the splits over his neck, keeping constant pressure on his jugular. Unable to move, she takes advantage and gives him a wet willy. Cali then turns around so that all he can see is her magnificent ass. They agree that it's the best seat in the house. Towards the end, she decides to show just how strong her legs have gotten so she puts him into a reverse headscissor and squeezes slowly until he passes out. We knew there was a reason so many people love this girl.
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Cali Kobra
Harley Quinn Goes Scissor Crazy!

Harley Quinn is a beloved SEXY super villain. Her gymnastics and athleticism, combined with her unique psychosis makes her downright lethal. Cali delivers an excellent performance as the crazy jester. She first breaks into a home and tasers the occupant sending him to the floor into convulsions. She then latches onto his neck with insane force, hysterically laughing as the terrified man stares up at her from between her mighty thighs. It isn't long before she grows tired of her squeeze toy and breaks it. Oh well, onto the next house.
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Cali Kobra
Scissor Challenge 174

Cali recently returned from her paradise vacation with a beautiful tan. She also did a lot of hiking which explains why her legs are so much stronger. She begins this challenge by slamming her legs shut and locking Jay in a tight front headscissor. Cali toys with him as he struggles to escape her vise grip. Half way through, she clamps down extra hard and stares at him while he slowly passes out, fighting every second of it. She then ups the ante by threatening to snap his neck if he doesn't break loose. He desperately tries to get out but her legs are just too strong. Cali tightens up, twists her hips and then hears a loud SNAP!!!
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Cali Kobra
Financial Slave

Not only is Cali crazy HOT but she also loves being in control of other people's money. With access to her slave's bank account on her cell phone, she demands that he put himself between her fit dancer's legs knowing full well what she's going to do to him. His hesitation costs him $1000. She repeatedly transfers money from his account anytime he touches her legs or tries to resist her insufferable scissors. After squeezing every penny from his account, Cali squeezes his neck until she KNOCKS him OUT! This girl is money hungry and may be coming for yours next!
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Cali Kobra
Xtreme Challenge 2

For our 2nd Xtreme Challenge, we bring you none other than the gorgeous Cali Kobra. With years of dancing sculpting her muscle toned legs, we knew it was going to be a very TIGHT one. Even after shooting 3 videos prior to this one, Cali manages to hold Jay in her deadly reverse for 17 minutes. He tries so hard to pry her legs apart knowing that he is paying her by the minute but Cali keeps squeezing harder every time he tries, making him realize that he is in for the long haul. Towards the end when Cali starts feeling the burn, she uses every last drop of strength to clamp down until her poor victim is out cold. AMAZING!
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Cali Kobra
Death by Assassin!

A good assassin knows you are most vulnerable when you're asleep. Can you imagine waking up to some woman dressed in full black latex, choking you out with her thighs? You may think it's a good way to go but Cali's legs are so strong, her victims would choose death over her scissors. With a sudden SNAP, his wish is granted.
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Cali Kobra
Penalty Sox: Lockout!

Just like the NHL lockout, Cali and Jay are in "tight" negotiations and it's not looking good for him. Cali gets to put him in various scissor holds and he must do everything to get out. She's clocking him so if he runs out of time, Cali punishes him with 100% scissor power. It's no wonder she accidentally puts him out a couple times. This is Cali we're talking about.
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Cali Kobra
Scissor Challenge 153

One thing is for sure, Cali Kobra has one of the deadliest figure-4 headscissors out there. With her bulging calves from years in dancing, it's hard to believe anybody can survive inside that tight gap. Jay gets more than he bargains for. He begs to stop the video but Cali ignores his pleas and constricts her muscles until he is utterly terrified then knocks him out cold.
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Cali Kobra
Psycho Ex Girlfriend

Have you ever had a crazy ex girlfriend who just loved to scissor? Check out this video and watch Cali go psychotic on Jay. She flies into a scissor handstand, takes him down and knocks him out. He later wakes up, hands tied behind his back, getting choked out by her splits. Cali is relentless to make him suffer and knocks him out 2 more times in a reverse.
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Cali Kobra
Pressure Gauge: The Snake Pit

Cali uses her powerful thighs to coil around her prey. She lets him know how much pressure she is applying which means BIG trouble for him. Cali doesn't stop crushing when he taps out and continues to SQUEEEEEZE until he is blue in the face. She can smell his fear and loves it. She knocks him out with a sleeperhold/bodyscissor combo.
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Cali Kobra
Scissor Challenge 143

Not only can Cali hold you in her tight Kobra grip for as long as she wants, she will also brag about it, making you feel wimpy and helpless. Jay does everything to escape her strong constricting legs but Cali just tightens up and breaks down his spirit. After all hope is gone, Cali extends her body and gives it all she's got until he is no longer conscious.
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Cali Kobra
Sexy Cop, Bad Cop

You will fall in love with Cali all over again as she cuffs her victim wearing a HOT cop outfit and thigh high leather boots. Crushing him between her strong dancer's legs and beating him with her baton, this video is simply amazing! Cali reefs on her heel, using full torque to knock Jay out with a tight figure-4. Cali is one sexy bad ass cop!
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Cali Kobra
The Constrictor

Damn! Cali is hotter than ever, showing off her skin tight snake print pants. Just for fun, she decides to wrap her coils around her friend Jay and suffocate him. Hanging from a door frame, she snags his neck, constricting him until he turns purple. She knocks him out twice with her insanely tight figure-4 then a THIRD time with a reverse! INSANE VIDEO!
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Cali Kobra
No Mercy: Kobra's Prey

This is it boys! Cali's HOTTEST video yet! Check out those sexy athletic legs, perfect for capturing prey. Once trapped between them, struggling only makes things worse as she tightens her grip. The prey is at the total mercy of the beautiful Cali. It's hard to believe anybody can survive this kind of torture.
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Cali Kobra
Scissor Challenge 130

You wouldn't believe the power Cali has in her thighs. From years of dancing, this girl has what it takes to make a grown man cry. Cali has no problem overpowering Jay, pinning his wrists down and locking his neck securely in her reverse. She goes for a knockout at the end and succeeds beautifully.
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Cali Kobra
Crank It Up!

Right when Cali is about to go for a jog, she notices that her roommate is using her mp3 player again...for the last time. She quickly wraps her strong legs around his neck and reclaims her mp3 player. She then puts on her earphones and cranks up the tunes, preventing her from hearing him scream from her insane scissors.
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Cali Kobra
Fatality: Kobra Wins!

Our new Fox Cali Kobra is a deadly addition to our team. She has very strong legs and sexy developed calves from years of dancing. After beating her friend Jay in Mortal Kombat, he becomes a jerk and a soar loser. Cali quickly puts him in his place, finishing him with a fatal reverse knockout! Kobra Wins!
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