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Candy Cove
Trapped in Her Attic

Candy just loves to inflict pain on her men. So when her last boyfriend couldn't take any more abuse and was about to run away, she decided to lock him in her attic. Tied up and totally trapped, Dan is forced to take daily punishments from his sexy yet very dangerous ex-girlfriend. This can sometimes last hours making Candy's legs stronger and stronger with every visit. We can only hope Dan can hold out and satisfy her scissor needs before she starts looking for more men to "LOCK" in her attic.
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Candy Cove
Scissor Challenge 164

There are plenty of guys who would line up to be trapped in Candy's tight ass reverse. Her boyfriend thought it would be hot but he underestimated how strong she was. After about 3 minutes into the challenge, he had to stop. No joke. Jay then stepped in to finish but couldn't even make it until the end without passing out. Candy Cove is the real deal!
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Candy Cove
Boyfriend Auditions

Candy's dream guy would be someone with a strong neck. You know; the type that can handle being squeezed for hours, day after day. The problem is most guys can't handle her strong legs so she finally decided to host an audition. Candy really enjoys putting her contestants to the test and accidentally breaks a couple necks doing so. Oops!
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Candy Cove
Pressure Gauge: Gymnast Grip

The very sexy Candy Cove couldn't believe she can get paid to hurt men. She does it all the time just for fun. Her years in dance, sports and gymnastics are very apparent when she clamps her athletic thighs around Jay's neck and makes him scream like a bitch. He barely survives half her pressure so make sure to check out this new scissor wonder.
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