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Chichi Medina
My Dom Ex-Girlfriend

Jay learns the HARD way how dangerous ex-girlfriends can be, especially if she's a dominatrix! He tells Chichi over the phone that he can no longer see her since she is too rough with him. She later shows up at his place furious and finds him sleeping on the bed. She immediately clamps her solid legs around his neck and starts snapping it violently while squeezing mercilessly. Chichi looks stunning in that latex outfit but the abuse she puts him through is unreal. Her scissors are terrifyingly strong! She physically, mentally and verbally breaks him down. She covers his mouth while she has him trapped in a schoolgirl pin. She then locks a figure-4 while driving the spikes from her bad ass boots into his head. She later has him in a tight reverse and grabs his wrist, curious to see if he can squeeze him until she no longer feels a pulse. What do you know? Chichi manages to scissor him to death. What a woman!
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Chichi Medina
Scissor Challenge 208

This is a ScissorFoxes moment in HISTORY! It is the first time Jay has foamed at the mouth after being knocked out. That's right! Knocked the f#%$ out by none other than the 5'2" ballet bad ass Chichi. Until you experience it for yourself, you can't even apprehend how a girl that size can deliver such unimaginable pressure. Right away, she catches Jay by surprise by swinging her lethal legs at him with a handstand, showing off her gymnastic skills. She takes him down to the ground, pinning his neck beneath her splits. Her hard sexy ass digs right into his throat while she randomly stretches, does hand over mouth, punches his belly and bounces up and down. Next, she slams her thighs around his neck into the tightest reverse headscissors we've ever seen! Don't take our word for it. See for yourself. She then says: "You want it tighter?" and that's when his arm drops, but she doesn't stop squeezing. He's out for 11 seconds before she lets him go when foam suddenly erupts from his mouth. He wakes up in utter confusion looking up at this lethal bombshell who just knocked him out. You ABSOLUTELY have to see this!!
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