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Cindy Squeeze
Scissor Challenge 137

Cindy comes storming in, tackles Jay and throws him onto the bed. She then jumps on his neck, wrapping her strong legs firmly around him, forcing him into a very tight reverse headscissor. "Try and get out of this" she says, laughing at her poor little victim struggling to get out. Never underestimate a woman's strength.
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Cindy Squeeze
Scissor Slave 3

Jay has been a prisoner for 2 months now. Although properly fed, Cindy has been crushing him senseless on a daily basis. He begs her to untie him and let him see his family but Cindy gets offended. She punishes him for being an ungrateful slave. Looks like Jay will be spending a lot of time between Cindy's thighs.
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Cindy Squeeze
Pressure Gauge: Made in Sweden

This sexy goddess has come all this way to show us one thing; Swedish girls can SQUEEZE! And boy can she ever! Cindy warned Jay that she was going to hurt him and she wasn't kidding. Clamping her legs around Jay, it took little effort to make him panic. Cindy is stronger than she looks and she looks good doing it.
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Cindy Squeeze
Pay Up or Die!!

This HOT Swedish fitness model might look sweet and innocent but Cindy also loves to be mean. She has very strong legs from training hard and riding horses. Her roommate finds this out when Cindy demands the money he owes for rent. Her deadly scissors also get her free rent, new furniture and a flat screen.
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