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New York City
Carzy Azy
Semi-Comp: Let's Get CRAZY!

Jay didn't know what to expect when he faced Azy for a semi-competitive match. She certainly looks athletic and really tough. These 2 go several rounds on the bed and what starts out very playful and fun, ends up to be a serious ass kicking for Jay. This girl puts him in all sorts of crippling holds. She actually warns him that he will go out in her triangle choke as she starts tightening her grip and she was absolutely right. He passes out in about 6 seconds. She then knocks him out again with a 45 degree angle front headscissor in 8 seconds flat and this is just half way into the match! Needless to say, Azy is Crazy and really fun. If you love wrestling, extremely tight scissors and REAL knockouts, we recommend you check this out.
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Crazy Azy
The Ex-Girlfriend Rampage!

If you love being scissored, there is one big downfall of having a girlfriend who loves doing it to you. What if you had to break up with her because she's too crazy? So crazy, you had to leave your home and stay in a hotel so she can't find you. Now she's on a rampage and if she finds you, your life may be at stake. Meet Crazy Azy. This girl has years of training in BJJ, Muay Thai kickboxing and has legs that can crush you like a tin can. When she finally tracks down her ex-boyfriend, there is hell to pay. There is so much anger built up in those scissors and every time he tries to scream for help, she either covers his mouth or squeezes tighter until his jaw can't open. Jay tries everything to pry and escape his ex-girlfriend's grip knowing full well she might kill him but as always, she's much too strong for him. His attempts fail and he was totally right. SNAP!
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