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Scissor Challenge 158

Firestorm is and always will be a leggy dancer who loves showing off her fit legs. Jay is about to go through hell as she sticks him in a tight reverse and warns him that if he doesn't escape in 10 minutes, she will tack on another 10 as her reward. She knocks him out before it's over but immediately puts him back in and keeps her promise.
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Breaking Out to Break a Neck!

Firestorm has been serving life in prison for snapping men's necks with her lethal legs. She just loves watching them beg for their lives. She also promised her rotten jail guard that he would one day feel what it's like to be helpless and trapped in her strong thighs. After breaking out one night, she sneaks into his house, ties him up and fulfills her promise.
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Death Match 2

Again, we bring forth a sexy athletic Fox to compete in a Death Match. The only way out is kill or be killed. Firestorm is very acrobatic and can literally snag your neck with her scissors from any position. Her latex catsuit grips very well, making it impossible for her opponent to escape. Her strong dancer legs easily snap his neck for the victory.
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So You Think You Can Dance With ME!

Our latest Fox Firestorm is very proud of her legs. "They were made to squeeze!" as she puts it. Years of dancing, gymnastics and sports have sculpted a fine pair of glutes, thighs and calves. After jumping on Jay's back and crushing his waist, he is forced to do a scissor dance. Her strength is too much for him and he gets KO'd halfway into it.
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