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Gia Primo
Scissor Challenge 177

Gia is quite confident that her victim will remain trapped in her figure-4 headscissor for as long as she chooses. Her victim Mark is quite a big guy with huge arms. You would think that he may have a chance to break free but Gia's strong legs are locked in tight. To add to his humiliation, she makes him pay her every minute he doesn't get out. Between that and her cockiness, Mark's spirit breaks down as he fails to escape the grip of a girl half his size.
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Gia Primo
Man Killer!

This video is VERY intense! Not only does Jay play the part of a woman beater but he is also a complete asshole with a big mouth. Can you imagine what a girl like Gia would do to a man like that? Well here is a glimpse and be warned, it isn't pretty. With her victim helplessly tied up, Gia shows absolutely NO MERCY and tightens her scissors up as hard as she can, knocking him out and snapping his neck. That is why they call her the "Man Killer"!
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Gia Primo
Pressure Gauge: Knockout Specialist

When it comes to Gia, you can expect some serious pressure. As history shows us, she has made many men submit and very often, pass out. When we asked Gia to do a Pressure Gauge video for us, we knew Jay was in huge trouble! Her big strong thighs crank down on his neck like a vise grip making Jay either panic and tap out like crazy or doze off from lack of circulation. Knocking him out twice and applying one of the tightest triangle chokes we've ever seen, Gia knows exactly what she's capable of and loves showing it off.
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Gia Primo
Knocking Out The Big Guy

Mark stands at 6 feet tall, 220 lbs and has a background in Jiu Jitsu. He wasn't sure what to expect from Gia who welcomes him in the sexiest black netted bodysuit and flat out tells him that he would be a piece of cake. This semi-comp match starts off on their knees but Gia is so quick, Mark doesn't even have time to blink. She moves from hold to hold flawlessly, giving him no chance at victory. When she finally gets him in a reverse, she holds him there and slowly increases the pressure until the big man's eyes start rolling back. When he finally comes around all confused, she is standing over him with a cocky attitude. Gia quickly takes him down again. This video includes plenty of holds, foot dominance and belly punching. Must see!
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Gia Primo
Intimate & Interactive: Get Bullied!

If you haven't had the pleasure of being squeezed by Gia's magnificent thighs or want a reminder of how wonderful it was when she trapped you, this POV video is for you. Cycling between her Point of View and the victim's, this video puts you right in the action and Gia gives you one hell of a experience. She then finishes with a violent neck SNAP!
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Gia Primo
The Babysitter

Gia is one HOT babysitter and is in high demand. When Jay returns home late and drunk from his staff party, he tries to put off paying her. Big mistake! Gia wraps her strong thighs around him and makes him scream for mercy. She warns him not to wake the baby or she'll put him to sleep. After squeezing some sense into him, it's nap time for Jay.
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Gia Primo
Scissor Challenge 160

Gia has one of the tightest reverse headscissors in the business. To be held in that death trap for 10 minutes is insane. She even adds her own twist to this challenge. Every time he tries to escape, she clamps down and feeds him a flurry of belly punches. Jay has no choice but to endure combinations of pain and even gets knocked out cold!
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