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The Stalker Death Trap!

Haven is HOT and loves going out wearing sexy outfits that especially show off her fantastic legs. This has also gotten her into trouble. She once woke up in a stranger's messy basement with her hands tied. It turns out he was an obsessive stalker. As he's about to tie up her feet, Haven threw her legs around his neck into a tight reverse and strangled him until he passed out. When he woke up, his hands and feet were tied behind his back and what he may not of known is how sadistic Haven can be. He just pissed off the wrong girl! She unleashed hell on this scumbag until she finally heard his neck SNAP! This is one bad ordeal she rather enjoyed taking care of.
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Xtreme Challenge 4

Haven's Xtreme Challenge is very intense and unique. Check out those strong athletic legs. If you would like to see how much misery the sexy Haven can inflict on a male, you definitely want to see this. Her challenge flips into power mode when a phone call interrupts the video. It turns out Haven's parents were on their way so to wrap it up in time, she amps up her pressure and puts Jay through one of the most brutal panic filled reverse headscissor ever. Near the 11 minute mark, Haven revs it up again and knocks him out, giving herself enough time to clean up and greet her parents. Highly Recommended!
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High School Scissor Reunion

Ever get scissored in high school? Ever wonder what it would be like if they were to scissor you again? Well, true story, Haven did go to high school with Jay and decided to relive many of the scissorholds she had used on him. Once in gym class, she jumped on his back and executed a handstand bodyscissor in front of all the other students which almost cracked his ribs. Being on the gymnastics team, her legs were, and still are, freakishly strong. On another occasion, Haven trapped him under the cafeteria table with a classic headscissor for the entire lunch period. At camp, she showed off her famous handstand headscissors which she called the "Sonya Blade" move. With every hold, Jay barely manages to stay conscious as Haven gives him a scissor flashback he'll never forget.
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Double Constrictor

WoW! Check out our newest Fox HAVEN! Not only is she smokin' hot but she is as deadly as they come. This girl has been submitting boys to her scissors ever since high school and was known to knock them out from time to time. With a background in gymnastics and martial arts, it's no wonder her legs are like constrictors. In this video, she shows Jay her pet python and places it around his neck. It slowly starts to constrict but Haven proves to be a much bigger threat by wrapping her "pythons" around his body and squeezing much harder. She then takes over his neck eventually demonstrating her infamous reverse headscissor knockout. She actually squeezed him an extra 10 seconds after he is was out. She is one mean ScissorFox!
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