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Sister-in-LAW: Rule #2

Jay must be a sucker for punishment because every time his wife Venus leaves the house, he starts teasing his hot sister-in-law Jayde. Maybe he enjoys being trapped between those sexy strong legs and the risk of getting caught by his wife adds to the excitement. So he tries to take over of the TV but Jayde obviously refuses. She dares him to try and pry the remote from between her legs but he can't even budge it. Jayde laughs then puts him in a scissorhold while dangling the remote in front him. She then gives it to him but starts squeezing extra hard until he gives it back. She really screws with him and loves every minute of it. Jayde is determined to make him realize who makes the rules so she puts him in a tight figure-4, props herself up and squeezes until he is out cold. When he wakes up, she's sitting beside him, taunting him with the remote and says: "What happened?". Stupidly, he goes for her again and ends up in an excruciating reverse. She then puts him in a front headscissor and says: "It's time to go night-night again" and squeezes until he's out for a second time! When he wakes up, Jayde is now sitting on the couch behind him and wraps her legs tightly around his neck, passes him the remote and forces him to change the channels for her. She then says: "I'm going to keep you like this ALL DAY!"
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Fight To The Death:
Calf Scissor Fatality!

Jayde has never looked so HOT! Wearing a skin tight black latex catsuit, she takes on her male opponent in a Fight To The Death! Jayde comes out blasting with a high kick to the neck, knees to the gut followed by a swift handstand headscissor. They both end up on the couch where her opponent gets a good grip on her meaty thighs and tries to pull them apart. Jayde just sits there amused and smiles at his failed attempts. They then move onto the floor where she continues to punish him using a variety of holds including grapevines, schoolgirl pins, chokeholds and of course scissors. That shiny outfit really shows off her assets. While on her back, Jayde pulls her opponent into a tight front headscissor. She then crosses her legs and locks his neck between her strong calves and with a violent thrust, she breaks his neck. FATALITY! Jayde wins!
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Bondage P.O.V.

After receiving many requests, we finally shot a P.O.V. video with the young and sexy Jayde. This is the first time we do a bondage P.O.V. where the victim is tied up. But with a booty like that in your face, why would you EVER want to leave? We captured the best angles to make sure you feel like you're the one who's trapped between those amazing athletic thighs. Jayde does not offer sessions (yet!), so for now, this is as close as it gets. She is a great trash talker and can easily put you in your place. Jayde also knows exactly how to squeeze to get that knockout and you get to view it in both angles. Afterwards, she stands above you and flexes those sexy biceps. So what are you waiting for? Get the full Jayde experience!
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Sister-in-LAW: Rule #1

It's hard to resist flirting with the hot sister-in-law. Ever since Jay married Venus, he's been teasing his. Not too smart considering he's felt Jayde's powerful scissorholds many times. Perhaps he behaves this way to get himself trapped between her lovely crushing thighs. So while his wife is out doing errands, he slaps Jayde's ass really hard as she walks by him. She turns around with the most evil look and jumps on his neck without skipping a beat. While tightening her grip, she makes her first rule as Sister-in-LAW; "NO ASS SLAPPING ALLOWED"! She then clenches his ribs with an extraordinary bodyscissor off the couch. Jay endures many more devastating scissors when his wife walks in the door and sees her husband getting crushed by her little sister. Jayde begins to explain the situation but not before knocking his sorry ass out. This Sister-in-LAW is in charge and makes the rules!
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When we first told Jayde about our ScissorPocalypse idea a couple months ago and how we wanted to create a new meaning to the word panic, she got excited. She even told us that she would dedicate her time working out her glutes and do tons of squats to make sure she delivers. Well, the results speak for themselves. With Jay's hands and feet tied behind him, he cannot stop what is about to happen. Jayde locks her massive crushers around him and brings him to tears. She squeezes hard and makes him panic like hell but keeps him awake so that he can savor the moment. Sadly for Jay, her muscular quads have a tendency to go too far and break necks.
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Xtreme Challenge 5

Jayde is definitely a fan favorite and her last reverse challenge is one of our top selling videos. Well, if you liked that video, wait until you see this Xtreme challenge. Those sexy latex shorts get eaten up by her muscular ass. Her amazing athletic thighs show no sympathy for Jay as he must endure whatever she can give with no time limit. Jayde's scissors have more bite than ever and you'll see a grown man become a prisoner to this young beauty's legs. She has no problem turning him from sweaty purple to completely out cold. DEFINITE MUST SEE!
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Bedroom Battles Round 1

Gotta love the tough college chicks who love wrestling boys. Jayde admits to winning numerous matches which usually ended with the guy tapping out to her vice like scissors. Jay challenges the young hot brunette to a semi-competitive match but BOY does he get his ass WHOOPED! He manages to pin her once but the rest are all hers. She gets him in all sorts of locks and knocks him out once with a figure-4 then again with a reverse. To top it off, they had made a bet and if Jayde won, he would have to go another round with, well, check out the pics to find out. (to be continued)
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Crushed & Humiliated

This is easily Jayde's hottest video yet! After pouncing on Jay and stealing the phone from him, she lets his buddy Mike listen in on her kicking his ass. Totally embarrassed, Jay tries hanging up the phone but Jayde keeps it out of arm's reach. On top of that, she writes "LOSER" and "WIMP" all over his face with a marker then puts him in a scissor coma!
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Scissor SAW

This is similar to the movie SAW but with a scissor twist. Jayde and Jay wake up in a room, hands and feet tied together. A note on the floor says "Last person to live gets their freedom!" Jayde doesn't hesitate and immediately wraps her strong legs around Jay's neck. He tries everything to free himself but she keeps squeezing until finally...SNAP!!
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Scissor Challenge 148

Wearing sexy underwear, Jayde does not hold back in this challenge. With her solid thigh across Jay's throat, pinning one wrist between her ankles and grabbing the other one with her hand, he's at the total mercy of the gorgeous fitness model. Jayde doesn't play nice either, making him gurgle and tap furiously then squeezing until he is out cold.
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Death Match!

Much like Mortal Kombat, the winner of this match lives and the loser dies. Jayde pulls off a Sonya move, throwing her legs into the air and wrapping them around her opponent. She slams him down and strangles him with her powerful thighs. Jayde is known for her fatal reverse headscissor finisher so after defeating Jay, she snaps his puny neck!
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Pressure Gauge: Knockout Babe!

Jayde is a total Knockout Babe! Not only is she incredibly hot but her constant involvement in sports and intense workouts has turned her legs into deadly weapons. Even Jay was terrified every time she bumped up the pressure. Jayde teases him about knocking him out then easily does it using her famous reverse.
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Scissor Gags: Kidnapped!

You wake up. It's pitch black. You've been blindfolded and your hands and feet are securely tied together. You can't remember what had happened and how you got there. A strange sexy young voice says to you: "I'm going to have fun with you". Suddenly, a pair of strong smooth legs wraps around your neck and squeezes ridiculously hard and there's nothing you can do about it. She giggles. Then, you hear a second girl giggle. After struggling to breathe for a long period of time, she releases you. She removes your blindfold and standing above you is a hot fit brunette. Her friend is standing next to her filming the whole ordeal. You hope that it's finally over but it has only just begun. "NOOOOOO!"
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Scissor Challenge 128

You guys just can't seem to get enough of this girl. Jayde's very tanned and very toned body seems to have you all begging for more! Can't blame ya! Just watch how menacing she is in this challenge. Her thighs digging deep in Jay's neck leaving no room to breathe followed by a vicious clamp down knocking Jay out cold!
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Super Pumped!

ARE YOU READY? Jayde is super pumped to show off her strength. Just watch her flex those guns. By combining some upper body training with some tight scissor holds, Jayde achieves a hot and sexy full body workout. Her thighs are just too much for Jay. He totally passes out in Jayde's super tight reverse.
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Schoolgirl Brat

Jayde is young, very athletic and has always been a brat. She gets what she wants, when she wants it. At school, she hated doing homework so she "made" the other boys do it for her. Oh! and anything less than A's results in bondage rope and hours between her fit cheerleader legs begging for forgiveness.
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Scissor Sister

Jayde always wondered what her older sister Venus did for a living and when she found out, she was very intrigued. Anxious to have a man feel the power of her strong athletic legs, Venus volunteers her boyfriend to feel Jayde's crushing grip. Check out Jayde's first video as she confirms she has the scissor genes.
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Canadian Girls Rock!

Jayde is proud to be Canadian and really gives'er in this video. She is a scissor machine with 2 missions; to destroy Jay between her legs and show the world that Canadian girls ROCK!! Her love for the gym really puts Jay in a tight spot as he prays to survive her exhibition of power. You're really gonna love this one, eh!
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~The Stalker Trap~

Jayde has a stalker and he thinks he can get away with just tying her hands together but as he approaches her, she whips her legs out, traps him in a tight headscissor and knocks him out. He later wakes up tied up and is about to find out how much squeezing he can handle. Jayde makes sure he never comes back.
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~Domestic Abuse~

Venus sends her boyfriend over to her sister Jayde's to help around the house and perform some "easy" tasks. First, she hops on his shoulders to change a light bulb. It isn't long before Jayde uses her strong legs to enforce her demands. What started off with simple chores ends up being one of Jay's worst days ever.
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~Scissor Challenge 111~

Jayde is here to prove that she is genetically built to scissor. Can Jay handle a 10 minute reverse headscissor from Venus' younger sister? The answer is HELL NO!! Jay begs to be let go before the challenge is over. Venus then tells Jayde to clamp down as hard as she can and knock her boyfriend the f*** out!
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~Candy Cane Pain 2~

The sequel to our top selling Christmas video stars newcomer Jayde. She lives and breathes fitness and has a killer reverse headscissor. Jayde was really anxious to show off her strong thighs on Jay's neck and body. Using her big candy cane and tight scissors, she really makes his Christmas a memorable one.
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