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Miss Jasmine, Jenna Preston & Venus
Scissor Power Line 1

Check out this video from ScissorFoxes' first Live Event which was filmed at the Oasis Aqualounge. Scissor Power Line is one of many Scissor Games to come. In this challenge, each victim lies on the mat while each Fox (Miss Jasmine, Jenna Preston and Venus) takes a turn scissoring him or her as hard as they can until they tap. The timer starts as soon at the Fox puts on the pressure and ends on the first tap. The victim that endures the most squeezing with the highest accumulated time, wins and you won't believe who did. There are a total of 7 contestants (4 who have never been scissored before, 2 of which are women). We started a round of classic, then front and ended with the reverse headscissors. There are 2 Knockouts in this video. Miss Jasmine knocks out the older gentleman with a classic headscissor. He was out for a while so we were concerned about him but he insisted on continuing. Venus then knocks Jay out in 3 seconds with a front headscissor. She cocked his head slightly, which has worked for her MANY times. He was just about to tap but passed out before he could. This video is very fun to watch and has many surprises. Can you survive the Scissor Power Line?
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Jenna Preston
Bedroom Battles Round 6

Jenna's been really eager to do a Bedroom Battle with us since we started doing them. The Foxes always have a blast getting to kick the boy's ass while play wrestling on the bed. The tall gorgeous Ms. Preston wore knee high tube socks and a sexy thong for this match. Jay soon finds out that it is nearly impossible to avoid her loooong strong legs. She really gives it to him to and makes him tap repeatedly before letting him go. He does manage to pin her once with a bodyscissor but that just fuels her aggression. Jenna unleashes full power, panic filled scissors along with a very tight schoolgirl pin and grapevine. She then pulls him to the edge of the bed and puts him in an extremely tight reverse headscissors that sends him spinning and nearly passes out. Jenna shakes her butt for the camera to celebrate her victory.
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Jenna Preston
Prisoner of War 3

This is definitely Jenna Preston's HOTTEST video yet! We planned it so that this was the only video she had to do that day, allowing her to use every ounce of energy punishing her victim and WOW did she ever do a number on him. This new torture resistance program requires the soldier to have his hands and feet tied together leaving him at the mercy of her punishing long legs. The panic she inflicts on him is borderline insane. Jenna was determined to take it up a notch from what Jennifer Scarpetta and Jennifer Thomas had started in the previous videos. There are plenty of over-the-top moments but the one that stands out is when she clamps on a reverse across the throat scissor, Jay immediately tries turning his head due to total breath lockdown. When he realizes that he can't budge, his whole body goes into a convulsion, begging to quit. After neglecting his wishes, Jenna finally gives in. Seconds later, she clamps on again, getting him in the perfect position. Out he goes in a REAL knockout! At the end, her figure-4 gets him freaking out again, begging to quit but this time, Jenna ignores him. She then shoves him back into a tight reverse and knocks him out again! How can any man survive this? It just isn't right!
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Lady Shayne & Jenna Preston
Killer Bitches!

Jenna introduced us to her friend who was VERY eager to crush someone between her thighs. Lady Shayne, who is also a part-time Dom, can squeeze REALLY HARD! Do NOT underestimate her by her size because you will surely regret it. Her legs easily cut off any air or blood circulation and her trash talking is freakin' awesome. So let's give a warm welcome to the Killer Bitches! These 2 friends have a very special bond. Jenna and Shayne are psychopathic serial killers who prey on men. After breaking into a guy's house, Jenna holds his arms back while Shayne starts whaling on him with punches, kicks and knees! Shayne also likes using hand chokes. They then pull off some crazy combos including scissoring the other girl's scissors to double the pressure. While Jenna holds him in a reverse, Shayne pulls on his arms so that his neck sinks deeper into her crotch until he passes out. Shayne later breaks out the rope and ties him up while the other holds his neck hostage between her thighs. Something comes up and Jenna must leave but Shayne is more than happy to finish what they started. She starts removing her catsuit while constricting his neck until he's out cold again. To be continued...
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Jenna Preston
Wanted: Financial Slaves!

The amazingly powerful Jenna Preston has entered the world of Financial Domination and is looking for more slaves. There's nothing that makes this Goddess happier than spending someone else's hard earned cash. So if you have what it takes to give total control of your finances to the lovely 6 foot tall bombshell, click HERE. However, you do NOT want to disappoint HER! Watch this video to see an example of just how ruthless Jenna can be when SHE doesn't get what SHE wants and deserves! As SHE looks into the camera and demands your money, SHE crushes HER slave between HER legs and glutes to unthinkable levels of panic. Her reverse headscissor is legendary and SHE uses it a lot in this video. Jenna knocks him unconscious just to prove a point! Don't you dare hesitate! Contact Jenna NOW!
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Jenna Preston
Scissor Challenge 189

We receive many emails requesting more bodyscissors in our videos. Ask and you shall receive. So while we work on that, let's kick it off with one of the hottest bodyscissor challenges yet. The 6 foot tall and amazingly beautiful Jenna Preston shows off her sexy tanned body and long rib crushing legs right before locking them around Jay's torso. You can tell she means business because every time she puts the squeeze on, he yells in pain. Oh, you want Jay to shut up? No problem. Jenna does plenty of hand over mouth to keep him quiet while she nearly breaks his ribs. She then shifts into a powerful figure-4 bodyscissor that nearly makes him quit the challenge. Lastly, she applies an incredibly tight sleeperhold that renders him out cold. It doesn't get any better than that!
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Jenna Preston
Xtreme Challenge 6

Jay got WAY more than he bargained for in this Xtreme Challenge. The 6 foot tall leggy Jenna really puts him in his place for an excruciating 29 minutes. We told her that the longest time was 27 minutes and she was determined to beat it. She trained hard for it and can be seen on her Clips4Sale. Needless to say, she tortures Jay between her long firm legs, clutching her ass and abductors while he desperately tries to escape. Jenna keeps a very tight grip the entire time and even had enough energy to squeeze extra tight for a knockout. After being released, we close up on Jay's mouth which is full of blood. Must have been some serious pressure. A definite MUST SEE!
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Jenna Preston
Game On Losers!

Jenna may be a sore loser when her football team loses the game but Eric and Jay will soon be the sore ones. She can't stand their cockiness so she tackles Eric first and locks her long legs around his neck. Jay laughs as his best friend gets beat up by a girl but Jenna warns him that he is next. This sexy athlete has no problem taking 2 guys down.
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Jenna Preston
Beware of Killer Legs!

This guy picked the wrong place to break into. He must have missed the sign outside that said "Beware of Killer Legs". While stuffing his bag with electronics, a hot blonde pops out of her room and forces him into a reverse headscissor, knocking him out. He wakes up completely tied up with her still squeezing, determined to snap his neck with her legs!
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Jenna Preston
Tag Team 2: Double Neck Breaker!

How would you react if a gorgeous blonde in tight latex pants broke into your place, woke you up and forced you into her firm scissors? Poor Eric went from sweet dreams to a total nightmare. His roommate Jay walks in and tries to save him but Jenna is too strong and takes them both on. She snaps Eric's neck then after torturing Jay, she snaps his too.
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Jenna Preston
Pressure Gauge: Power & Beauty

Her long firm legs are the perfect tools for delivering man crushing scissors. Jenna wraps her powerful thighs around her volunteer and squeezes so hard, he almost decided to quit. You can't blame him. Jenna kept tightening her grip even though he was gasping for his breath, tapping out and pinching her leg (safety signal). A must see!
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Jenna Preston
Crunch Time: Part 2

In Part 1, Venus destroyed Eric using her Vise Grip after failing to get her and Jenna on the Lingerie Football Team. Jenna then took over, securing Eric's neck between her long STRONG legs and forced him to put his hands behind his back so Venus could tie them together. Now there is hell to pay! Jenna squeezes her hard ass until he passes out!
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Jenna Preston
Scissor Challenge 146

We're very excited to have Jenna Preston on ScissorFoxes! This 6 foot tall beauty has long firm legs that were built for scissoring. When we told her to hold Jay in a tight reverse headscissor for 10 minutes, she laughed and wished him luck. There is no escaping her thighs once she locks those ankles. It takes everything for Jay to survive this. Must see!!
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