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Jenny Blaze
Blackmail Predator

Jenny is a very sexy single woman who loves meeting men on dating sites; particularly the rich ones and you're about to find out why. After luring her date back to her place, she ties him up, breaks out the tripod and camcorder and starts scissoring him. This video now gives Jenny leverage to extort him for every penny he's got. On this particular date, Jenny calls her friend up and invites her to come over and watch her scissor this guy. 2 hours later, she shows up and is shocked but rather intrigued. She decides to help by picking up the camera off the tripod and get better close ups of this loser's face. Jenny puts him in all sorts of excruciating scissor holds while her friend eggs her on and tells her to squeeze harder. Jenny then puts him in a figure-4 headscissor, props herself up and SQUEEEEEEZES until he passes out. This guy's definitely going to be in financial straits.
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Jenny Blaze
Scissor Challenge 190

If ever you doubted the strength of the tall and beautiful Jenny Blaze, simply check out this video and I guarantee you will think twice before sticking your neck in her reverse headscissor vise grip. In this challenge, Jay in blind sided by Jenny as she puts him in a headlock, throws him to the ground and forces him into a headscissor. It starts out on the couch but half way in, he desperately wants out and manages to move her to the ground. HUGE mistake! Jenny regrips and lets him have it. Jay goes into major panic mode as her thighs have closed off his air way which causes him to start wheezing. He begins pinching her thighs to let her know he's in trouble but she ignores him and tightens up her glutes until Jay is off to lala land. Simply incredible!
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Jenny Blaze
Baghead: Tightly Sealed

Now this is crazy! If you thought getting scissored by a strong pair of legs would obstruct your breathing, wait until you see what Jenny does simply because her friend left a zip lock bag unsealed and spoiled her food. She gets so upset, she throws a pillow case over his head and seals it with her scissors. He desperately tries to pull it off but her long legs keep a firm grip making it impossible. You can see the bag inflate and deflate as he tries to breathe. Jenny gives him a few brief moments without the bag but not without knocking him out at least once. Needless to say, Jay make sure he obeys ALL of Jenny's house rules from now on.
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Jenny Blaze
Legs Of Steel

Jenny portrays Supergirl perfectly with her long athletic legs and golden locks. With superhuman strength, you can imagine what those legs of steel can do to you. When she comes face to face with the thug, she grabs him by the throat, lifts him off the floor then throws him into the air. She quickly jumps on him, trapping him between her powerful legs and squeezing so hard, she ends up knocking him out with a reverse headscissor with ease. She then does it again at the end but this time, as he is waking up, she snaps his neck with her Legs Of Steel. WoW! Simply amazing!
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Jenny Blaze
Snatched by Latex

A briefcase full of money and jewelry can bring you happiness but it can also bring you grief. Out of nowhere, a woman dressed in a black latex catsuit and a mask snatches the wealthy man's neck with her long killer legs, constricting her inner thighs and thrashing him around until a sudden snap makes her a proud owner of a nice shiny briefcase.
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Jenny Blaze
Officer Rib Cracker

Never has there been such police brutality by a sexy woman cop. Jenny's long legs of the law destroy her victim in a way that is hard to watch. Officer Blaze loves using her long tight headscissors (especially her reverse). She throws in some brutal night stick beatings and a rib cracking bodyscissor. The joke's on him when she admits to not being a real cop.
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Jenny Blaze
Escape or Neck Break!

What can be said when a tall gorgeous model puts you in the worst predicament of your life? With his hands and feet tied together and her legs wrapped around his neck barely allowing him to breathe, she says: "You better get out or I'm going to SNAP your neck!" Jay breaks into a full panic up until the moment where Jenny keeps her promise. SNAP!!
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Jenny Blaze
Penalty Sox

Jenny comes back with the gloves off and ready to kick some ass. She puts Jay in her penalty box. Standing at 6 feet tall, there is no escape from her long legs. But here's the catch, if Jay doesn't succeed to get out, Jenny squeezes as hard as she can, making sure he tries or dies next time. Jenny gets so into it, she knocks him out twice in a row!
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Jenny Blaze
Pressure Gauge: Full Leverage!

Pressure is definitely fueled by leverage. When Jenny wraps her long fit legs around Jay, locks her ankles and extends her entire 6 foot tall body into her scissors, there will be pain and suffering. She makes that quite evident as she maxes the pressure and pulverizes Jay, teasing him as he begs her to stop. Height does have its advantages.
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Jenny Blaze
Life Insurance

Going with the right life insurance provider can be risky but who can resist the tall and sexy Jenny Blaze. After signing her policy agreement, Jenny starts to laugh. Jay should have read the fine print because now Jenny gets everything after his death and she's about to make it a slow PAINFUL one.
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Jenny Blaze
Scissor Challenge 127

Jenny's long sexy toned legs give her awesome leverage making her reverse headscissor insanely tight. She is well aware that her victim will remain there until she decides to release him. He tries everything to break himself free but Jenny just laughs it off making him tap countless times and reminding him who's in charge.
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Jenny Blaze
Secret Weapon

Standing at 6 feet tall, this new beautiful Fox comes equipped with very long lethal legs. Jay soon learns of this after finally telling his friend Jenny about the scissor site he runs. She is shocked but VERY intrigued. Jenny snatches him in a tight scissor then handcuffs his wrists. Jay has always feared Jenny's long legs.
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