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Squeezing Every Penny

After getting her cable repaired, Kaos is slapped with a ridiculous bill. She feels as though the cable guy is trying to squeeze every last penny out of her. In a twist of events, the cable guy now finds himself getting squeezed and owing her money to get out. Kaos really lets him have it, squeezing so hard, he passes out.
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Scissor Addiction

What better way to get rid of a scissor addiction then to get bound in bondage tape then scissorred senseless by a sexy girl who is extremely addicted to scissoring? Kaos tackles this theory by scaring him half to death using her strong crushing thighs. Warning!! This video may increase your scissor addiction!
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Pressure Gauge: Wrath of KAOS!

Kaos has many personalities and can really push her character to the limit. Using her British persona, she discovers how much she loves to inflict pain with her strong toned legs. She gets addicted to Jay's fear and panic, taking her role too far. Watch her wrath unravel as she uses full pressure turning this into total KAOS!
  Added Jun-28-2011
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Scissor Challenge 122

When Kaos first looked at our site, she couldn't wait to put the squeeze on Jay. She told us she had really strong legs from years of kickboxing and has tons of energy. Well, she was right! Jay suffered the wrath of Kaos as she thrusts and tightens her KRAZY reverse headscissor making him panic the entire 10 minutes.
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