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Kasie Cavanaugh
Pressure Gauge: Legendary Power!

Kasie is a legend when it comes to scissoring and she has been doing it for a long time. If you haven't experienced it yourself, you can just imagine the precision in her technique not too mention the sheer power of those enormous thighs. When Kasie starts adding more and more pressure to each scissorhold, you can immediately see the reaction in Jay's face and the more he squirms, the more she enjoys it. What an honor to be crushed between those sculpted legs and watch her muscles bulge out every time she tightens her grip. Her biceps are equally amazing as she flexes or squeezes his neck while her pythons constrict his torso. Make sure to tap out though or you'll be seeing stars which Jay has learned the hard way many times before.
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Kasie Cavanaugh
The Grim Reaper

When you owe the wrong person money, the last thing you ever want is the Grim Reaper knocking at your door. She calls herself that because she's hired to put you through Hell using her unbearable scissors then sends you there personally. It basically feels like being crushed between 2 thick concrete pillars and the Grim Reaper loves hearing her victim scream between them. They always try and bribe their way out with money but she'd much rather watch them squirm. After what feels like a lifetime of suffering, she snaps his neck like a twig.
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Kasie Cavanaugh
Scissor Suicide

If you've seen Kasie's last video, you will understand why this next video is purely suicide. Even after getting destroyed by her reverse headscissor challenge which Jay couldn't even finish, he agrees to let Kasie tie him up and put him through some of her most punishing scissors. Before it even begins, Jay changes his mind and wants to back out but Kasie already has him right where she wants him. She laughs and starts squeezing mercilessly, knocking him out once half into the video and then again at the end. You wanted crazy? This is CRAZY!!
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Kasie Cavanaugh
Scissor Challenge 172

INSANE is the best word to describe this video! Kasie is a powerhouse and her scissors are devastating. Let's put it this way, not only did Jay get knocked out twice (first time 12 seconds in and the second almost 4 minutes in) but he also couldn't finish the challenge. This rarely happens. Before the 9 minute mark, Jay starts letting Kasie know that he wants out. Thinking it was part of the act, she laughs and continues to squeeze harder. He then starts panicking and signals the camera person. Needless to say Jay was in BIG trouble from start to finish and the expressions on his face say it all.
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