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Semi-Comp: Sexy & Tough!

Let me start by saying that this sexy young girl from Montreal is tough as nails and doesn't like to lose. Kasumi agrees to do a semi-comp match with Jay but things get rather competitive. She eggs him on and wants him to give her a real go. He almost pins her down a couple times but Kasumi is very quick and feisty. She does a great job at turning the tables and manages to wrap her unforgiving legs around various body parts (arm, leg, body and neck). Her hunger for the championship belt feeds her scissor strength, almost rendering him unconscious a few times. This is an excellent match up that you don't want to miss!
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Birthday Brat

Kasumi is certainly daddy's little girl and has him wrapped around her finger. Anything she wants for her birthday, he makes sure that she gets it. For the past few years since her sweet sixteen, she's always asked for the same thing; a bad little boy all tied up and ready to get squeezed! Once again, her father surprises her with her gift when she gets home. She immediately puts the boy in a reverse headscissor, pulls up her skirt and teases him with a peep show of her amazing ass. She then strips down to her bikini and destroys him with various holds, Hand Over Mouth and even knocks him out with a perfectly applied figure-4, all while laughing at his dismay. Kasumi is a real brat and always enjoys a good birthday blow out!
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Kiss of Death

Don't be fooled by this cute young hottie. Kasumi may look innocent but she can kick some serious ass! She has a background in boxing, wrestling and rather enjoys making men feel inferior to her power. Just look at what happens to this guy when he tries to kiss her after a bad first date. She literally tears him apart, cranking on his neck and body until he is yelling in agony. Kasumi unleashes a combo of moves which leaves him broken and breathless. This is one beatdown you don't want to miss!
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Scissor Challenge 180

Kasumi came highly recommended by Mutiny and now we know why. Not only is this model/wrestler from Montreal a total HOTTIE but she is a feisty young lady with VERY strong legs. She keeps a HARD constant pressure throughout the entire challenge with no signs of fatigue. This French Canadian also boxes and throws a few good belly jabs while Jay is in captivity. Kasumi also applies a tight figure-4 but it's when she straightens her legs and squeezes with all her might that she finishes him off with a spectacular KNOCKOUT!
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