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Katie Crush
Scissor Challenge 140

How frustrating would it be to have an 18 year old girl overpower you? Jay is in his 30's and is at the total mercy of this hot young fox. Katie's years as a hockey player has made her legs solid as rock. She has a bright future in the scissor world. Jay would know as he tries to pry her legs apart and free himself from Katie's reverse headscissor prison.
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Katie Crush
Toxic Attraction

This college sophomore walks home from school everyday and notices her creepy neighbor staring at her. Katie loves chemistry. She invites him over and serves him a "special" drink she concocted. After a few sips, he passes out later awakening with his hands and feet tied up. Katie's defined athletic thighs get a firm grip on the situation.
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Katie Crush
Size Doesn't Matter!

Katie may be young and petite but she can really kick some ass. After watching a video of a small girl beating up a man, Jay starts laughing and cracking jokes. Well, Katie is about to prove to him that size doesn't matter. Using her strong athletic legs, she makes him regret thinking otherwise. Crush him Katie!
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Katie Crush
Pressure Gauge: Lean, Mean and 18

Katie just turned 18 and plays soccer, basketball, baseball and hockey which have sculpted her athletic, toned legs. This young hottie was very anxious to put the squeeze on Jay and kept bragging about how strong her legs were. Well, she wasn't joking. Jay was tapping out before she reached 50% of her strength.
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