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Killer Kayla
Scissor Challenge 155

Kayla sneaks up behind Jay and forces him into a reverse headscissor. The sexy 21 year old swimmer/model totally humiliates him, taunting him to try and escape her grip. She repeatedly makes him tell her how strong her legs are. Jay is so embarrassed that this young girl has total control over him but has no choice but to obey until she lets him go.
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Killer Kayla
Rebel With A Cause

Kayla has held a grudge for too long and is finally going to get her sweet revenge. She has known Jay since they were little and always used to get teased and picked on. It has molded her into the tough sexy bitch she is today. After inviting him over, she turns up the heat and shows him what years of torture can feel like in a short period of time.
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Killer Kayla
You Break In, I Break Necks!

You may want to think twice before breaking into Kayla's house. Watch this burglar quickly become Kayla's bitch as she jumps on his back, wraps her legs around his waist and takes him down. Scissor after scissor, she makes him regret entering her house. She then calls the police to report a dead intruder right before she breaks his neck.
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Killer Kayla
Twisted Schoolgirl

Kayla is one feisty college girl and is used to getting what she wants. Her seducing eyes make it almost impossible to say no. But if all else fails, she always relies on her trusty scissors. Kayla tries to bribe her professor for a passing grade. She even resorts to money but in the end, he winds up paying her to be freed from her strong swimmer legs.
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