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Kristin Rae
Pressure Gauge: Steel Cable Thighs

Kristin's legs are long, sinewy with visible muscle tone. However, the moment she clamps those sexy thighs onto someone's neck or torso, they turn into steel cables tightening, digging and cutting off blood flow. And just like steel, her scissors are unbreakable and the tighter she squeezes, the more dangerous it gets!
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Kristin Rae
Shock Collar: Extremely Cruel

If you thought shock collars were cruel, wait until you see what Kristin has in store for Jay. First, she tightly straps her latex legs around his neck and firmly locks her ankles. Now the training can begin. Anytime Jay tries to pry her legs apart, she shocks him by tightening her grip and pulsating her thigh muscles.
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Kristin Rae
Scissor Challenge 118

If you look closely, you can see the word "LUCKY" printed on Kristin's fine behind. You would think that Jay should feel lucky being trapped between those glamorous strong thighs but in reality, Jay would feel luckier if her vise-like reverse doesn't knock him out. I guess today wasn't his lucky day. Sweet dreams Jay!
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Kristin Rae
Caution: Bad Ass Girl

Our new hot Fox Kristin Rae has an aggressive attitude and a gorgeous pair of toned legs, perfect for scissoring. She wraps her steel cable thighs around her helplessly wrapped victim then tightens until her abductors dig deep into his neck, making sure her message comes through. Kristin Rae is one bad ass girl!
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