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Lady Bellatrix
Go To Sleep!

For all the boyfriends and husbands out there, here's a simple solution to Restless Legs Syndrome also known as Jimmy Legs. Simply let your girlfriend or wife watch this video featuring the lovely but stern Lady Bellatrix. Not only will you stop kicking your partner and keeping her up at night but she'll also help "put" you into a deep sleep. Lady Bellatrix clearly displays all necessary steps to subdue her husband using her smooth strong legs. After limiting his oxygen to his brain by tightly squeezing his throat and exerting his energy trying to pry her legs from his neck, she places him in a deep reverse headscissor and knocks him out. Now both can enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. Sweet dreams!
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Lady Bellatrix
Assassin Wars!

When Lady Bellatrix finds out there's a hit on her, she puts the hit right back. She manages to find the assassin hired to kill her and turns the tables on him. The only difference is Bellatrix loves to see them suffer before putting them down for a permanent nap. Her legs slowly strangle him as she reads the file he's got on her. She then unleashes hell and shows him what it's like to lose the ability to breathe. Combining air tight scissors with latex pants and hand over mouth with latex gloves, this rookie has to fight for his life and this is a battle he just can't win. Bellatrix finishes him off with her signature scissor neck snap which always gets the job done.
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Lady Bellatrix
Scissor Challenge 183

When you have the Queen of Mean latched onto your neck and squeezing tight, you better do whatever she says or you're in for a long torturous night. Lady Bellatrix has a fool proof way of getting money from her friend Jay. She simply forces him into a reverse headscissor and keeps him there until she gets what she wants. Occasionally, she leans over and shifts all of her weight onto his neck knowing full well that the pain is unbearable. She then comes back down and clenches her butt cheeks until the little lad turns deep purple. It's only a matter of time before Jay gives up all of his cash but, this doesn't stop her from knocking him out cold!
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Lady Bellatrix
Breath Play 2: Queen of Mean

All the way from London, our new Fox is a sadistic Pro-Dom known as the Queen of Mean and you're about to see why. Lady Bellatrix takes NO pity on her slaves and rather enjoys watching them squirm in complete terror. Since this one was late picking her up at the airport, she decides to unleash hell and take his breath away. Tied to the bed and at her mercy, she tightens his airways with her scissors then blocks his mouth and nose, preventing all circulation. Her slave flops around like a mad man desperately trying to breathe but Bellatrix just laughs at his misfortune. She then clamps on with all her might and puts him to sleep. If you like extreme panic, then you'll love Lady Bellatrix!
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