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Lady Milady
Shut Up or Lights Out!

Look who's sporting fiery red hair. Milady is hotter and deadlier than ever! Even with family and friends upstairs, she manages to squeeze this little twerp between her gorgeous thighs. The problem is that she squeezes so freaking hard that the twerp keeps making noises. Milady does not want her guests to get suspicious and come downstairs so she covers his mouth to shut him up. She then gets angrier and puts his lights out with an extra tight reverse. That always does the trick.
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Lady Milady
Dungeon Slave

Welcome to Milady's dungeon where anything goes. Once the Lady has chosen her slave, she ties him up and keeps him in her basement dungeon until he is broken. He is now her toy and must tolerate everything from foot and hand chokes, foot smother, trampling, neck splits, HOM, belly punches and every scissorhold imaginable. Begging only makes things worse. Watch Milady's big thighs engulf her slave's head and nearly popping it off his shoulders. In the end, she grows tired of her toy and breaks his neck with her legs. Milady is now searching for her next dungeon slave.
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Lady Milady
Scissor Challenge 166

After Milady's debut on ScissorFoxes, many of you really loved her scissor splits so Jay thought it would be a great idea to make a 10 minute challenge out of it. Boy did he regret it. The weight on his neck was unbearable and to make matters worse, she would pinch his mouth and nose shut or punch him in the gut. About 3 quarters into the video, Milady turns it up a notch by clamping her legs together into a tight reverse headscissor and knocking him out. When he wakes up, he realizes that he is back in her scissor splits and the challenge is still not over. Unbelievable!
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Lady Milady
Spoiled Diva

Milady is very strong and loves to be spoiled. She often uses her power to persuade men into buying her expensive gifts. Jay has become her new prey. His neck, his body, along with his wallet, are about to get squeezed out. Jay tries to endure her abuse and punishing thighs but in the end, Milady always gets what she wants.
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Lady Milady
Conquer & Destroy

This is Lady Milady Unleashed! She does everything to make Jay feel hopeless and conquered. Even with his hands tied behind his back, Milady shows no sympathy and destroys him. From horrific scissors to feet chokes, strangulations, smothers, sleeper holds, belly punches and even the scissor splits, you will be on the edge of your seat!
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Lady Milady
Stay Out or Pass Out!

If you enter Milady's chamber, you risk getting tortured by those amazing thighs. It's her room, her rules and if she feels like turning you into a pretzel or a human stress ball, you better be ready for the beating of a lifetime. Oh, and naptime is mandatory. You aren't leaving until you take a nap between her scissors.
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Lady Milady
Scissor Challenge 134

If you have yet to experience Milady's reverse headscissors, watch this video to see how much pain her dangerous legs can inflict. Her massive thighs engulf Jay's head and quickly turn his face into a deep shade of purple. She loves showing off her strong dancer's legs and knocks him out in one crushing blow.
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