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Lady Shayne
Breath Play 4

Lady Shayne is more sadistic than EVER! She takes the Breath Play series with extreme optimism and a thirst for raw fear, urging Jay to make every breath count because it may be his last. She starts his torture off with her boot firmly pressed on his throat then drops into a tight schoolgirl pin. First, she pinches his nose then, completely covers his mouth with her leather glove. His eyes bulge out and his legs flail away as he runs out of air. Shayne releases and repeats with much enjoyment. She then transitions into a front headscissor where she either blocks his airway with her hands or minimizes the airflow with her legs. After continuing this insanity using various scissorholds, she drives his neck deep into a ridiculously tight figure-4, rendering him out cold within seconds. Unfortunately for Jay, she's only halfway done. YIKES! She makes him scream in agony while crushing him in a bodyscissor followed by a butt clenching reverse which he barely holds consciousness. Finally, she puts him in a classic headscissor and thrashes her legs violently until his neck finally gives out and snaps. You've got to see this for yourself!
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Lady Shayne
Scissor Challenge 206

What starts out as a friendly get-together ends up becoming a very humiliating experience for Jay he'll never forget. It begins with all of them sitting on the couch, having drinks and trying to decide what they can do for fun. Jenna suddenly blurts out how hilarious it would be to see Shayne do a reverse headscissor challenge with Jay. Without hesitation, Shayne whips off her pants and they both meet up on the floor. She sits on his neck and wiggles her ass, making sure she has him in deep then locks him in tight....VERY tight. He immediately tries pry her legs apart to save himself from the embarrassment of losing in front of his friends. Everyone laughs at him while he struggles to escape the scissors of a girl almost half his size. Lady Shayne loves having him trapped and making him her bitch. She pulsates her butt and keeps a nice steady pressure, letting him know who's in charge. At the end of the challenge, everyone dares her to "Finish Him!" so she reaches back, pulls his neck in even closer and squeezes as hard as she can, giving him a short but sweet little knockout. It's not over yet! When he tries to get up, Shayne straddles his neck again, making him think he's in for another challenge. Boy, did he become the joke of the party.
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Lady Shayne
#1 Neck Masseuse

Lady Shayne is the #1 girl at the Massage Spa which she also offers fetish/scissor sessions so it's no surprise that men frequently walk out of there with sore necks. Her strong legs are notorious for tenderizing one's body parts. When she gets home after a hard days work, she asks her friend Eric to give her a massage. He clearly has no idea what he's doing and does more harm than good. With her legs still warmed up from squeezing clients that day, Shayne shows Eric what a painful massage really feels like. You can tell the pressure is beyond excruciating and if you've seen Shayne in action before, you know she gets off on this shit. What can we say? She's great at what she does.
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Lady Shayne
Killer Bitch: Death by Scissors!

Previously, Lady Shayne tied up her victim while Jenna held him between her scissors. Jenna then left Shayne by herself to finish the job. While stripping off her latex suit, Shayne knocked him out. Now that he's awaken, you're about to witness Shayne's true colors. She is one of the most menacing, sadistic bitches we have ever encountered. From her evil laugh to her overwhelming pleasure of seeing men suffer, it is no surprise how much she gets off when she executes a death by scissors. This is one bad ass killer bitch!
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Lady Shayne & Jenna Preston
Killer Bitches!

Jenna introduced us to her friend who was VERY eager to crush someone between her thighs. Lady Shayne, who is also a part-time Dom, can squeeze REALLY HARD! Do NOT underestimate her by her size because you will surely regret it. Her legs easily cut off any air or blood circulation and her trash talking is freakin' awesome. So let's give a warm welcome to the Killer Bitches! These 2 friends have a very special bond. Jenna and Shayne are psychopathic serial killers who prey on men. After breaking into a guy's house, Jenna holds his arms back while Shayne starts whaling on him with punches, kicks and knees! Shayne also likes using hand chokes. They then pull off some crazy combos including scissoring the other girl's scissors to double the pressure. While Jenna holds him in a reverse, Shayne pulls on his arms so that his neck sinks deeper into her crotch until he passes out. Shayne later breaks out the rope and ties him up while the other holds his neck hostage between her thighs. Something comes up and Jenna must leave but Shayne is more than happy to finish what they started. She starts removing her catsuit while constricting his neck until he's out cold again. To be continued...
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