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Lethal Goddess
MILF Madness!

She is LETHAL! She is a GODDESS and she is one sexy MILF! After a hard day's work, all she wants to do is kick back, relax and squeeze the life out of some helpless man. This tends to melt away her stress. As some of you know, Lethal shows no remorse for her victim and prefers it when they are terrified of her power. Let the madness begin!
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Lethal Goddess
Scissor Challenge 135

If you like insane panic and absolute fear, then Lethal Goddess is your gal. It's hard to watch the cruelty Jay endures while trying to survive her rock hard reverse. She obviously loves watching men yield at her power. She pins his arms down, barely lets him breathe then finally knocks him out. Panic fans will love this one!
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Lethal Goddess
Super Mom

Lethal Goddess is a hot single mother also known as Super Mom, balancing her work, kids and fitness. When her son's friend, who's a real bad influence, shows up at her door, Super Mom decides to show him a little discipline. Knocking him out using her insanely strong legs, he won't be coming around anymore.
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Lethal Goddess
Fox Army: No Pain! No Gain!

Lethal Goddess has two things that make her extremely dangerous and an asset to the Fox Army; her urge to hurt men and incredible stamina. When she kicks into high gear and gets you between her muscular thighs, you better hope she lets you live. This scissor boot camp quickly becomes survival of the fittest.
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