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Lexi Rose
Sucker For Punishment

Arriving late to a session to get your ass kicked by a gorgeous dominant girl is very risky business. Lexi has long powerful legs and can get be very mean so when her client arrives late AGAIN, she really lets him have it. She points to the floor which he immediately sits in front of her. She then wraps her latex covered thighs around his neck and squeezes like she doesn't care whether he lives or dies. He's in for the punishment of a lifetime. Lexi doesn't tolerate time wasters and you're about to witness the aftermath. Not only does she scissor him senseless but she also uses her large breasts to smother him and press his head into her figure-4. She then slowly crushes him in a tight reverse headscissor until his body goes limp and passes out. That will certainly teach him for being late.
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Lexi Rose
Scissor Challenge 202

Not only does Lexi Rose have an unbearable squeeze but she also loves to mock her prey as they desperately struggle to endure her power. It's also rare that a girl can make Jay stop a challenge mid way through to take a break. This usually happens with bodybuilders but in this case, Lexi's thighs constrict his neck and jaw so much, he had to yell out "CUT!" at the 7 and a half minute mark. When he finally finds the courage to continue, Lexi toys with him and admits that she isn't even using all of her strength. Surprisingly, Venus who is filming the challenge, lets her know that their is only 2 minutes left and to give it all she's got. Now this is when the real panic starts. She then pulls his neck in deeper, tightens her glutes and knocks him out. When he wakes up, she applies a foot choke and asks him "Who's the boss lady?" She then stands up to strike a much deserved victory pose.
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Lexi Rose
Born To Slay

Born to be a bitch! Born to dominate! Born to slay! These are words Lexi Rose lives by. She is very good at being in control in a very sensual way. Her sexy pop diva look will have you mesmerized while she slowly constricts you with her long powerful legs. She takes full advantage of her victim being tied up, bringing him to new heights of fear with a simple clinch of her inner thighs. Her stilettos give her plenty of leverage for her figure-4 headscissors. It's too bad for him that Lexi has no sympathy for him and gives him more than he paid for. Her strong scissors thrust out and snaps his neck. She's a real man slayer!
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Lexi Rose
Pressure Gauge: Knockout Bombshell

Our latest Fox Lexi Rose is a HOT tall bombshell that showed no mercy in this Pressure Gauge. In fact, she warned Jay that because of her years of riding horses, swimming and running, her legs may be more than he can handle. She was absolutely right. Every time she straightened her legs, Jay tapped out. He was quite overwhelmed by her power but the show must go on. She knocks him out with the first hold which is a reverse headscissor. Venus, the camera girl, asks him if he's ok but he is still dazed and can't respond. Lexi moves on to the next hold but is a little worried for Jay but Venus assures her that he will survive (so she hopes). Lexi pumps it up again and while she props herself up, she knocks him out AGAIN in a figure-4 this time. She is available for sessions but beware of those killer legs!
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