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Liz Lightspeed
A Kidnapper's Worst Nightmare!

Beware of a woman's legs. They are their strongest asset and have enough power to kill someone. This creepy kidnapper thought he had Liz under control and all to himself until he goes to tie her ankles together. She immediately wakes up from whatever he put her out with and snaps out her legs, snatching him by the throat. "You're gonna get it now!" she says. Even with her hands tied together the entire time, she man handles him and crushes his neck and body with her vicious scissors. Her limbs are long, strong, lean and mean which are perfect for constricting an opponent. She then SNAPS his neck, finishing him off and all she needed were her lethal legs!
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Liz Lightspeed
Scissor Challenge 185

Just like lightning, Liz jumps on her friend and wraps her legs around him ever so tightly. He is now doomed to be trap between her long lean athletic thighs unless, by miracle, he can pry his way out. Not very likely but to give him some incentive, Liz threatens to crack his neck if he doesn't at least try. This gets Jay's attention as he places his hands on her thighs and tries to pull them apart. Her ankles are locked and propped on the couch giving her lots of leverage but he manages to get her to the floor. Unfortunately, Jay runs out of time and Liz twists her legs and snaps his neck.
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Liz Lightspeed
Hotel Battle 2: Out Goes Clay!

Our new victim Clay is no stranger to mixed wrestling and has battled many women in the past including Liz. Now for his ScissorFoxes debut, he must face her again in a semi-comp match but this time, she is wearing a skin tight catsuit which has been known to add extra grip (especially scissorholds). Showing off her lightspeed, Liz turns this scrawny male into a pretzel numerous times using various interesting holds. She then goes for the knockout using a very tight triangle choke. This video is action packed and poor Clay sure takes a beating.
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Liz Lightspeed
Scissor Secret Exposed!

Some of us hide our scissor fetish from our wives or girlfriends worried of what they may think. Wouldn't it be great if they found out and just started scissoring your brains out? It would be a dream come true. After finding a ScissorFoxes charge on her husband's credit card, Liz ties him up. She then exposes his fetish and admits to checking out the site. Intrigued, she tries it out on him and loves every minute of it. She even makes him pass out in an air tight reverse. This surely won't be the last time she puts the squeeze on him with or without his consent.
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Liz Lightspeed
Pressure Gauge: Fresh Meat!

Trent had no idea what he was getting himself into. Being new to scissors, he quickly learned that it is a thousand times more intense participating in a pressure gauge than watching it on a screen. When Liz wraps her long, lean muscular legs around his throat, Trent's eyes bulge out as he realizes how much trouble he is in. Liz takes it slow at first but as her legs warm up, she starts pushing his limits and making him tap often with her incredible power.
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Liz Lightspeed
POV: Kick, Punch, Scissor KO!

This is our first video which includes a POV beatdown followed by scissors of course, featuring the lovely Liz Lightspeed. She pulverizes you with her lightning quick kicks and punches until she knocks you down. While on the ground, Liz jumps onto your neck and jacks you up between her thighs into a deadly reverse, giving you a perfect view of her ass. She then flips you over into a front headscissor and just to show you how tight it is, she performs a knock out from her point of view. She then stands over your body striking a victory pose, letting you know who is superior.
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Liz Lightspeed
Personal Injury Waiver

When Trent enters Liz's room for a scissor session, he finds her sitting on the couch with her legs crossed wearing a sexy outfit which includes a pair of unique silky pantyhose. With her calf muscle bulging and her thighs looking ready to squeeze, he starts realizing how much trouble he may be in. He politely asks her about the ambulance outside, worried that it might be for her last client. She tells him not to worry about it and hands him a waiver but he is a little reluctant to sign it. He mentions next that he has never been scissored before which is actually true. This puts a big grin on Liz's face as she says "I'm gonna have some fun!". This is one session he will never forget.
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Liz Lightspeed
Not Her First Rodeo

Liz is known for incredible speed, stamina and surreal scissoring power. This video is packed with goodies. She quickly straddles Jay and ropes him like a calf while torturing him between her vise like scissors. She also throws in some gut punches, HOM, feet chokes, flexing and knocks him out twice! She totally dominates Jay in every possible way!
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