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Mallory Loxx
The Catsuit Pressure Gauge

This is SOOO HOT! After many requests for a pressure gauge in a full skintight catsuit, we thought who else but to use the tall lovely Mallory Loxx. She has been a fan favorite since her debut and who can blame them. The black suit really shows how big and powerful her legs really are in comparison to Jay's head. Not to mention the eye popping and terrified look on his face when she squeezes and shows off her amazing scissoring strength. He'll be lucky to survive this one.
  Added Aug-23-2013
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Mallory Loxx
Scissor Challenge 168

It's no wonder Mallory has received so much great feedback with her thighs of steel and killer smile. Wearing a sexy bikini top and tiny denim booty shorts, it's easy to fall in love. After showing off her muscular legs, Mallory warns Jay that there is absolutely no way he can get out of her reverse headscissors and may even try knocking him out. You can tell by the definition in her legs that it must be hell for Jay and as promised, she kicks her grip into high gear and knocks his ass out. Was there ever any doubt?
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Mallory Loxx
Natural Born Killer

THIS JUST IN! A tall attractive woman has been traveling from city to city, kidnapping men then strangling them with her legs. Once she's done with them, she breaks their necks, again, using her legs. The marks on the victims necks signifies that she has very strong thighs capable of unimaginable crushing power. A psychologist suggests that this act gives her erotic pleasure and as a result, the killings will become more frequent. She has already claimed the lives of 14 men. She goes by the name of Mallory Loxx. She stands at 5'11", very fit and has brown hair with blonde highlights. We have recovered this footage showing her kill one of her victims. Make sure to watch it so you can identify her. If you spot Mallory, don't be a hero. Call 911 and run!
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Mallory Loxx
Work It Bitch!

Mallory has an amazing physique from years of riding horses, playing sports and hitting the gym every day. This personal trainer is a fitness freak and loves whipping little bitch boys into shape. Her motivation methods are what separate her from the rest of them. Watch Mallory crank up the pressure on her client, making sure he gives her 110%.
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