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Maxine Payne
Scissor Challenge 144

Sticking your neck into Maxine's scissors is like sticking it in a clamp with a lock. There's no escape and if you try to budge, her huge quads remind you who's in charge. Jay foolishly makes a bet with her and when it's obvious that he isn't getting out, she flaunts his money in his face. Time's up! Maxine wins the cash and the loser gets knocked out!
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Maxine Payne
Man Beater!

Jay finds Maxine relaxing on his living room couch. She explains how she was kicked out of her boyfriend's place and that his girlfriend Venus insisted she stayed over for a while. When asked why she was kicked out, Maxine admits to beating up her boyfriend. Jay's remarks gets him in big trouble as Maxine proves how easily she can beat men up.
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Maxine Payne
Fox Army Extreme!

Are you afraid of the Fox Army? You should be! If you think getting scissored by a fitness babe scary, try doing it with your hands tied behind you. There's no tapping out! You just have to take it as she slowly counts down from 10 in every gruesome hold. Maxine also makes him scream her name as she crushes him.
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Maxine Payne
Fox Fitness: Ultimate Workout!

Maxine spends most of her days working out. While doing some chin-ups, she snatches a man's neck with her huge quads and uses him as a spot. He is then forced to stay between her firm grip while she does her bicep curls and chest press. Maxine flexes her biceps and quads, urging him to feel her muscles.
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