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Toronto, Ontario
Megan Sky
After School Scissor Lesson

Megan is one HOT schoolgirl with a great set of legs. Jay, who's a big fan of sexy fit legs and secretly loves to be scissored, always teases her after school in hopes that she gets the urge to wrap her strong thighs around him and squeeze. Well today is the day! After ruffling through her school bag and making fun of her grades, she throws him to the ground and gets him in a schoolgirl pin. She then rolls over to her side and puts him in the much anticipated scissorhold. Even though Megan hasn't scissored much before, her legs are WAAAAY stronger than he thought. Her years in sports have definitely paid off. His dreams had finally come true until Megan starts squeezing tighter and tighter with each scissorhold, making it much less bearable for her weak admirer. Let this be a lesson. Be careful what you wish for.
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Megan Sky
Told You I'd Make You Speak!

Previously, the blonde beauty overheard her friend talking to her boyfriend on his cell about hooking up with some girls the other night. She demanded details and scissored him senseless to get them. In the end, she sat on his head and tied his hands behind his back then left the room. Now, Megan comes back wearing a sexy corset and a very skimpy underwear. Her friend is still tied up and has no choice but to try and survive more of Megan's frightening scissors. She's determined to make him speak and holds nothing back. She uses a lot of throat scissors, figure-4s and reverses, all the ones that bring the most panic and she would know. She used to use these holds on her older brothers to get what she wanted. She then crushes his body with her legs while he begs her to stop so she quickly covers his mouth. She then finally breaks him down and gets the truth using an aggressively tight front headscissor. Megan immediately calls her boyfriend and says: "You better run because I'm coming to kick your ass next!"
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Megan Sky
Don't Worry, I'll Make You Speak!

The beautiful Megan happens to walk into the room when she overhears Jay talking to her boyfriend about the previous night. She catches him saying something about hooking up with some chicks. Megan blows a fuse and is determined to find out exactly what happened. So just like she does to her boyfriend when she wants something, she forces Jay between her legs and squeezes until he spills the beans. She totally ignores him and all his taps until he gives her what she wants. From one scissorhold to another, Jay manages to hold onto his secret so Megan sits on his head and ties his hands behind his back. This is far from over! (to be continued)
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Megan Sky
Scissor Challenge 198

Our new Fox MEGAN SKY has everything it takes to become a scissor star! Her sexy look paired up with toned legs and great ass will have you begging to be squeezed over and over again. This girl is addicted to lunges and volleyball so you can imagine how solid those glutes are. In this video, Jay interrupts her while doing her lunges and tries to kick her out before his friends arrive. Megan has a better idea and makes him a $100 bet to prove how strong her legs are. After she locks him in a reverse headscissor, he soon realizes how much trouble he's in. He pulls at her legs with all his might but with no success. She then releases him and demands the money which he admits to not having. Megan jumps back on him and knocks him out in the same hold. He then wakes up, still trapped, as she waits for his friends to arrive so that they can see who's the stronger sex. Very humiliating for him and a huge victory for Megan Sky!
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