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Mercedez Phenix
Scissor Challenge 205

This video truly demonstrates the surreal strength and endurance of Mercedez Phenix. Jay described this experience as a one way ticket into a concrete mold. Once she closes those legs around your neck, there's absolutely NO WAY you're getting out. Her legs are solid muscle and as hard as rock. She keeps constant pressure which leaves Jay gasping for air the entire 10 long minutes. Mutiny eggs her on but her boyfriend and Jay's wife on the other hand, are behind the scenes cringing at Jay's panic stricken face as it turns from purple to blue. If you care for him, it's hard to watch but if you don't, you'll enjoy every minute of it. At the end, Mutiny instructs her to regrip and squeeze as hard as she can. Mercedez does exactly that and holds it so long that her victim passes out and suddenly starts doing radical movements, almost as if his subconscious is still trying to get out. This happened once before with Kasie Cavanaugh. It's a very intense moment and when she finally lets him go, his confused look as he clicks back to reality is priceless. Dare to try? We double dare you!
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Mutiny & Mercedez Phenix
Scissor SAW III

Halloween is here again and just like last time, the Scissor Psycho, obsessed with twisted games, has kidnapped innocent people, tied them up and locked them in a dark room. The lights turn on, and this time, there are 3 victims. A creepy voice offers freedom to the last survivor. Mutiny busts open the lock holding her ankles together using her powerful legs. Then, with just a look, the 2 girls agree to team up on the male. He doesn't stand a chance against these leggy women. Each take their turn trying to snap his neck with their thighs while the other girl either holds him down, assists in adding pressure or crushes his ribs. Mutiny finally gets the job done. The 2 girls then turn on each other and wind up in a double reverse headscissor. Mercedez and Mutiny give everything they've got but they end up snapping each others' necks at the same time. What a finally!
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Mercedez Phenix -vs- Mutiny
Foxes Gone Wild 2

Here we go again! Some HOT Fox on Fox action! Two gorgeous ladies take it to the mats in this no holds barred match. Featuring our newest Fox Mercedez Phenix, this girl is absolutely rock solid and yes, she does offer sessions. I must warn you, her legs are ridiculously strong and I can totally see her cracking a bowling ball between them. It's that crazy! And in the other corner, we have the sexy and very dangerous Mutiny! These girls go right at it using all types of holds including a double bodyscissors which is super hot! They both have something to prove so when the referee interferes and tries to stop the fight, Mercedez and Mutiny turn on him. They squeeze him so freaking hard, he gets KO'd. He then wakes up beneath both sexy wrestlers standing over him flexing their beautiful muscles. If you liked the first one, you are going to LOVE this one!
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