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Miss Jasmine, Jenna Preston & Venus
Scissor Power Line 1

Check out this video from ScissorFoxes' first Live Event which was filmed at the Oasis Aqualounge. Scissor Power Line is one of many Scissor Games to come. In this challenge, each victim lies on the mat while each Fox (Miss Jasmine, Jenna Preston and Venus) takes a turn scissoring him or her as hard as they can until they tap. The timer starts as soon at the Fox puts on the pressure and ends on the first tap. The victim that endures the most squeezing with the highest accumulated time, wins and you won't believe who did. There are a total of 7 contestants (4 who have never been scissored before, 2 of which are women). We started a round of classic, then front and ended with the reverse headscissors. There are 2 Knockouts in this video. Miss Jasmine knocks out the older gentleman with a classic headscissor. He was out for a while so we were concerned about him but he insisted on continuing. Venus then knocks Jay out in 3 seconds with a front headscissor. She cocked his head slightly, which has worked for her MANY times. He was just about to tap but passed out before he could. This video is very fun to watch and has many surprises. Can you survive the Scissor Power Line?
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Miss Jasmine
Boyfriend Auditions 2

Welcome to our second episode of Boyfriend Auditions. Our new star, the lovely Miss Jasmine, is on the lookout for a new boy toy to handle her daily squeeze. This has been challenging for her since all of her exes couldn't handle her full power. Our 2 contenders must put their endurance to the test and survive her crushing thighs. Did we mention they must do this with their hands tied together? Miss Jasmine holds nothing back and takes great pleasure in making these boys squirm under pressure. You can actually see their faces turn purple as she stretches out and gives it all she's got. HOLY $#@+!! Look at her quads flare up as she constricts them. These boys are in for it. First she knocks one out then, she breaks a neck. Gotta love a girl with THAT kind of power!
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Miss Jasmine
Gold Rush!

Getting dominated by Miss Jasmine is like striking gold. She has the looks of a goddess and scissors that can control your every dollar. That's right! She can SQUEEZE every penny out of you and have you begging for more. So why wait? Give in to her, spoil her and do as she says. Just make sure she stays happy otherwise, you might end up like the guy in this video. Jasmine knows her legs can dish out more than any men can take. She gets a rush proving so. Unfortunately, sometimes she goes too far and little necks get broken. Never disappoint a woman with legs that strong!
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Miss Jasmine
Scissor Challenge 192

Ever since we first worked with the beautiful Miss Jasmine, we noticed that her figure-4 headscissor got tighter and much deadlier every time. It got to a point where Jay would fear it in every video they made together. Well, he must now face his fears as he will be trapped in Jasmine's perfected figure-4 for 10 excruciating minutes. She doesn't play nice either. From propping herself up to add leverage to using hand over mouth and smothering him with a pillow, he's lucky to catch a breath. After desperately trying to unlock her legs and escape the thigh and calf prison, she grabs his arms, pulls them back and goes for a knockout. She then strikes a victory pose on her top of her poor victim as he looks up to her dazed and confused.
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Miss Jasmine
Legendary Legs of Chun Li

Brace yourself for one of the hottest Mixed Wrestling videos of all time! This battle has it all from kicks, knees, punches, chokeholds, knockout and a double neckbreaker! Chun Li is a legend who is known for her amazing beauty and, of course, her incredibly massive strong legs. Miss Jasmine was the perfect choice to play Chun Li and you'll all agree once you see her in action. Not only does she look the part but her leg definition really pops out as she crushes her opponent between them. This is a best 2 out of 3 match and there is plenty of REAL panic that goes on as Chun Li looks determined to pop his head off. This fight is as BRUTAL and as HOT as it gets, so make sure you check it out!
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Miss Jasmine
Ultimate Pain Game

Wearing sexy pink lingerie, cute pigtails and kick ass thigh high boots, you're about to see one of THE HOTTEST DOMINATRIX put her victim through the Ultimate Pain Game! The player will learn his pain tolerance real quick as the lovely Miss Jasmine breaks out some tricks. Starting with a tight reverse, he mustn't touch her legs or she will lock his hands together. She then adds H.O.M. to her devastating scissors. Next, she breaks out the whip followed by belly punches. How much can he take? Miss Jasmine locks him in a reverse figure-4 then pulls on her stiletto until he passes out. And folks, it isn't over! When he wakes up, she then mixes it all up and nearly kills him. Unbelievable!
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Miss Jasmine
Death by Pythons!

She's known as the Python Assassin only by those who hire her or those who die by her. Based on evidence, her legs dish out more pressure than a full size python. It's no wonder her victims always turn up blue in the face, busted blood vessels, compressed necks and broken vertebras. She is an animal who adores making her victims suffer between her lethal legs. This rare footage shows her bring this guy beyond his limit by crushing him so hard while blocking his mouth and nose, punching him in the gut and knocking him out. She then does what she does best; terminate by neck snap.
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Miss Jasmine
Very Tight in These Jeans!

Miss Jasmine casually reminds her old friend Jay how she used to wrestle him in high school and kick his ass. Jay, however, remembers it quite differently and claims that he always won. So to settle the score, they agree to a rematch. Jasmine swiftly gets him in a headlock then maneuvers herself into a standing headscissor. From there, she demands that he stands up. While on his shoulders, she holds onto his neck REAL tight with her jean clad thighs. Jasmine is relentless with her scissors and is determined to prove her point. After taking her top off, revealing a sexy bra, she knocks him out twice in a row with her deadly reverse. Jay loses his pride and dignity all in the matter of minutes. But to his defense, those thighs are too much for any man to handle.
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Miss Jasmine
Scissor SAW II

Once again, 2 people find themselves tied up in a dark room. The light turns on and a voice orders them to kill one another. Only then would the survivor win their freedom. These 2 friends have different agendas. The male wants to escape together by helping one another but the female would much rather go for the sure thing. She manages to find a key to unlock her ankles and knowing how strong her legs are, she uses them to strangle her friend to death. She apologizes to him as she prevents him from breathing but a girl's gotta do what it takes to survive. She knocks him out 2 times before finally breaking his neck with her thighs. What a way to go!
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Miss Jasmine
Hotel Battle: Triple Knockout!

First off, check out Miss Jasmine in that shiny black catsuit. WoW! Who wouldn't want to get pinned by this gorgeous mistress? So Jay and Jasmine both agree on a semi-comp style match using full strength with no tap-outs. It's no wonder she knocks him out 3 times. He asked for it. Right off the hop, she gets him in a headlock and wraps her legs tightly around him. From then on, Jay is in constant battle trying to break free from her leg locks but she is much too quick and agile. She uses punches and HOM then puts him out in a reverse, front and figure-4 headscissor minutes apart from each other. He wakes up clueless as to what just happened to him. Gotta love sexy girls who KICK ASS!
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Miss Jasmine
POV: Exotic Knockout

There is no doubt that Miss Jasmine is an absolute knockout and for those of you who haven't experienced her scissors yet, you are missing out! In this POV, you can experience what it would be like to be trapped in those amazing thighs as her beautiful eyes look down at you. She is very strong so don't let her looks fool you. Jasmine takes pride in her scissors and loves to hear men beg for mercy. Just watch as she clamps her reverse and purposely puts Jay to sleep. Amazing!
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Miss Jasmine
Xtreme Challenge 3

This is our longest Xtreme Challenge yet! Miss Jasmine never ceases to amaze us. She held Jay captive in a tight reverse for an entire 27 minutes! As you may know, Jasmine gets paid for every minute so she takes full advantage of her strong legs and makes sure she hits the jackpot. He tries so hard to pry himself from her scissor prison. His face turns different shades of red and purple as time went on. She also unleashes a fury of belly punches, adding more pain to his game. After 27 grueling minutes, Jay's blue face is covered with sweat and tears so Jasmine decides to put an end to his misery. She tightens her abductors until his eyes roll back and his body goes limp. It's always sweet dreams with the beautiful Miss Jasmine. A definite must see!!
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Miss Jasmine
Breath Play

The insanely hot Miss Jasmine is about to give Jay the fight of his life. After tying him up thoroughly, she takes complete control of his breath. Whether by air tight scissors or hand over mouth or even both, Jay's terrified reaction says it all. He screams and thrashes as he runs out of air while Jasmine smiles back showing no remorse. She then ends his pathetic life with multiple neck breaks while suffocating him.
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Miss Jasmine
Thighs of Steel

Jasmine has every quality to be a super hero. She is gorgeous, agile and amazingly strong. Her thighs of steel are easily her most valuable strength and possess the power to knockout or kill a man. You will see in this video that Jasmine uses her full strength the entire time, making Jay's eyes bulge out. She enjoys every minute, especially the knockout!
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Miss Jasmine
Scissor Challenge 147

This video has it all; a stunning beautiful woman wearing a very sexy outfit, a hot pair a fit legs capable of killing a man, a knockout half way into the challenge and a neck breaker finisher. What more can you ask for? Miss Jasmine warned Jay that she was the first to make her martial arts instructor tap out using this move. Jay is in big trouble this time.
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Miss Jasmine
Chains of Destruction

Dare you relinquish all control to this beautiful but ruthless Dom? Wearing a sexy and revealing chain outfit, Miss Jasmine totally destroys his manhood. She ties his hands and feet together then inflicts limitless punishment using breath control, gut punches and verbal death threats. With a sudden SNAP, his life ends by the Goddess' amazing strong legs.
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Miss Jasmine
Double Knockout Hotel

After Jay settles into his hotel room, the stunning Miss Jasmine walks in claiming she was appointed the same room. Jay should have just given it to her but instead becomes a jerk about it. Huge mistake!! Jasmine destroys him in her scissors and unleashes a fury of punches. She threatens to use him as a mattress then knocks him out twice!
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Miss Jasmine
Bondage Queen

There is absolutely no way out! With his ankles tied to his thighs and his wrists tied across his front like a straight jacket, Jay is now at the mercy of the stunning Miss Jasmine. Unfortunately for Jay, this Bondage Queen has an addiction to scissoring and men begging, subjecting him to an all out SQUEEEEEZE fest!
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Miss Jasmine
A+ Pressure Gauge

Jasmine has always been an over achiever and her scissors are best in class. Wearing a hot schoolgirl outfit and knee high socks, she gets a chance to teach her classmate a little lesson in leg pressure. He quickly learns that her sexy smooth legs are very strong. Jasmine scores extra points for knocking him out.
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Miss Jasmine
~Scissor Challenge 113~

You'd think being trapped between one of the most beautiful woman's thighs would be heaven but the minute she turns up the heat, it's a fight for your life to breathe. After holding Jay in an air tight reverse for 10 minutes she decides to keep him in for an extra minute as reward but squeezes too hard and knocks him out.
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Miss Jasmine
~The Rise of a Goddess~

Miss Jasmine is the total package and one of today's hottest doms. She uses her expert bondage skills to immobilize Jay followed by numerous tight scissors applied by her soft muscle toned thighs. Her seductive but dominant personality will have you fall in love with her, begging to be her next lucky slave.
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Miss Jasmine
~Shock Collar: Red Hot!~

Now when smokin' hot Jasmine has you all wrapped up in her strong athletic legs and tells you not to touch them, you better obey or suffer the consequences. Like a shock collar, every time Jay tries to pry himself free from her thighs, she pours on the pressure. She also knocks him out by accident half way into it.
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