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Mistress Carmen
Triple K.O. Pressure Gauge!

With Mistress Carmen, you have to be very careful because her legs are much stronger than one would think. This beautiful girl is a fitness competitor and you can certainly see the muscle definition but the strength those thighs can produce is out of this world. If you seen her first video, she knocked Jay out right at the beginning of the challenge. Now, she takes things even further and knocks him out 3 times! Yes, 3 times using a reverse headscissor, a sleeperhold/bodyscissor combo and finally a front headscissor. Her pressure can bust the needle off any gauge and if you doubt her power or any of these knockouts, try it for yourself. She is available for sessions. We triple dare you!
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Mistress Carmen
One Armed Slave

If you've seen any of Mistress Carmen's videos, you know just how brutal and sadistic she can be. Well, this will have you hanging on the edge of your seats because the panic in this video is so CRAZY!! Dressed in one of the sexiest latex dom outfits, she walks out to see that her slave managed to free one of his hands from his restraining belt. Mistress Carmen walks up to him and wraps her big strong legs around him and squeezes him without an ounce of mercy. The free hand may give him a glimpse of hope but in all reality, he's totally screwed. Her trash talking is as phenomenal as it is shocking! She then gives him one minute to pry her legs apart with his one free hand or she will break his neck between her steel thighs. He struggles with everything he's got but runs out of time. SNAAAPP!!
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Mistress Carmen
Panic Attack!

If you LOVE panic then you're in for a REAL treat! True story: this was actually Carmen's first video and before we shot it, we did some practice holds and we noticed that she was holding back. She said she was scared to hurt Jay. We assured her that he does it all the time and to give it all she's got. Needless to say, she did and he admitted afterwards that he almost stopped the video a few times because it was too much. So in this scenario, Jay asks Carmen if he can try a chokehold on her but he goes too far and ignores her tapping. This sets her off. She elbows him in the gut, breaking free from his hold then wraps her legs around his neck so freaking tight, you'd swear his head was going to pop off. And FYI, she ignores all his tapping and boy does she make him tap. Her across the throat scissors are killer and her reverse can put any man into a coma. As soon as Jay wakes up from his, she starts squeezing him right away. Mistress Carmen can be really mean when she wants to be. You be the judge.
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Mistress Carmen
Scissor Challenge 184

The big question is, can you handle our new Fox Mistress Carmen? This Spanish beauty is a fitness trainer and competitor. Jay found out first hand how powerful she is. He said her legs felt like concrete pillars and reminded him of Cindy Huntress. As soon as they start the challenge, Carmen really wants to show off her leg strength, so she clamps down and knocks him out in 8 seconds flat. INCREDIBLE! Jay wakes up in total shock and with 10 minutes remaining trapped between these steel beams. The suffering is incomprehensible which goes well with her awesome trash talking. Mistress Carmen has it all; beauty, brains and brawn. She also offers sessions so don't miss out!
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