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Mistress Cruel Kandi
Scissor Challenge 176

If you've seen any of Kandi's other videos, you know what kind of terror she can inflict on a man. Her scissors are excruciating beyond anyone's tolerance. Jay has made that clear as he has suffered immensely between her thighs. Now he's going to attempt to survive 10 minutes in her vise like reverse. Knowing how powerful her legs are, Kandi really toys with him and tortures him. She is VERY cruel and loves to see men go beyond their limits. If it were up to her, Jay would stay trapped for days, crying for freedom. Lucky for him, she let's him go but not before knocking him out.
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Mistress Cruel Kandi
Restraining Order

When Jay arrives at home, he did not expect to see his crazy ex-girlfriend sitting in his living room waiting for him. To make a long story short, Kandi severely abused and knocked him out so often, he was too embarrassed to show his blood shot face in public. After breaking up with her, he got a restraining order. So here she is now with the order in hand. Seconds after she tears it in half, Jay gets the most frightening squeezing of his life. Her rage empowers her scissors and after knocking him out in a sleeper hold, she tightens it up even more then follows it up with a reverse headscissor knockout. One of the meanest videos you'll ever see!
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Mistress Cruel Kandi
Pressure Gauge: Beyond Cruel

You have no idea how strong Kandi is and we dare anybody to try and endure her scissors. The fear and panic in this video are beyond what you've seen before. Kandi loves pushing the limits. Jay freaks out numerous times and even had to cut the video because her figure-4 had completely blocked his airway. She then knocks him out with a reverse headscissor. The ending is very hard to watch. Jay is completely out of breath and frantically begs to be released from her front headscissors but Kandi just smiles, turns away and ignores him. Cruel is her middle name and you WILL see why. Highly recommended!
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Mistress Cruel Kandi
Safeword or DIE!

Mistress Kandi shot 2 videos before this one and scared the hell out of Jay. He couldn't get over how freakishly strong she was and refused to do a bondage video unless a safeword was used. Kandi agreed but was still very cruel, making him yell the safeword "I'm a PUSSY!" repeatedly before letting go. Breaking his neck was bound to happen.
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