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Muscle Beauty
Pressure Gauge: Muscle Overload

Get a load of those muscles. Those arms, quads and calves are exploding with power. It's no wonder Jay was worried about how much punishment he would have to endure. His face turns many shades of blue and purple as she cranks up the pressure. Watch her muscles bulge out as they squeeze poor Jay, nearly popping his head off. He doesn't stand a chance against her rear naked choke which knocks him out cold. That doesn't mean the fun is over. Muscle Beauty continues to crush him then finally flexes her incredible muscles for a long, well-deserved victory pose.
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Muscle Beauty
Scissor Challenge 170

Let's just say that Jay described this experience like being trapped in hell. Not only did Muscle Beauty agree to squeeze Jay between her huge 26" thighs for an entire 10 minutes but she also warned him that she is not responsible for what may, and probably will, happen to him. Obviously he has no chance of escaping so this is more of a survival challenge. His face turns blue and purple from the shear force of her reverse. Then, with a final countdown, she clamps down hard causing Jay to black out for a couple seconds. Those muscles are just too much for any man to handle!
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Muscle Beauty
The Punisher

If you're going to steal someone's identity and rack up their credit cards, you better damn well make sure a) you don't get caught and b) they can't turn you into a pretzel. Muscle Beauty finally finds her scammer and is about to unleash her built up rage. No punishment has ever been this brutal! She easily snaps his neck between her muscular calves.
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Muscle Beauty
Muscle Worshipper

Most of you love muscles don't you? Then this is the video for you. Watch Muscle Beauty flex her amazing 16.5" biceps and enormous 26" quads as she brutally crushes Jay between them. She makes him rub oil and massage them as he struggles to survive the power. Check out how happy she is when she goes to knock Jay out cold. Priceless!
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Muscle Beauty
The Craziest Deal Ever!

Muscle Beauty has massive 26" thighs and Jay is about to make a deal that will change his life forever. In an attempt to get rid of his scissor addiction, Jay pays Muscle Beauty to tie him up and scissor him so hard that it will scare his obsession right out of him. He also tells her not to stop no matter what he says. With 2 KO's, this is total scissor suicide!
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