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Muscle Tease
Boss Lady

Are you willing to do anything for your hot muscular boss who can put the squeeze on you at any time? What if she were to fire your ass unless you prove you can handle the pressure? Muscle Tease gives this guy one option. "Survive my scissors or you're FIRED!" and "There's no tapping out. You just have to take it like a bitch!"
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Muscle Tease
Cancellation Fees

While giving Jay a neck massage, Muscle Tease receives a phone call from a client who cancels a session at the last minute. She goes ballistic and immediately stops massaging Jay. She then destroys him between her rock hard muscles knocking him out once with a front headscissor and then again with a sleeper hold.
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Muscle Tease
Pressure Gauge Extreme!

We decided to take our very popular Pressure Gauge series to the next level. Now we weren't sure if this was too dangerous for Jay but we didn't really care. First, we tied his hands behind his back. We then stuck him between the gorgeous muscular legs of Muscle Tease. Can Jay survive all the pressure?
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Muscle Tease
~Scissor Challenge 114~

Wow! Can you believe how sexy and strong those legs are and poor Jay has to try and get out while Muscle Tease keeps toying with him and tightening her grip. Watch the definition in her quads bulge as she clamps down on Jay's neck making this one hell of a front headscissor.
This is one hold no man can break.
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