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St. Petersburg, FL
Prisoner of War 4

Jennifer Kennedy (aka MuscleFoxx) is the 4th "Jen" to partake in the high-intensity series Prisoner of War and WOW does she deliver. FBB's commonly have very strong scissors and then there are some that bring you to the brink of madness. Well, this is the case with Musclefoxx. Her scissors are beyond devastating so if you like loads of panic, this video is certainly for you. It all began with Jennifer Scarpetta running this torture resistance program followed by Jennifer Thomas, then Jenna Preston. Now, Jennifer Kennedy continues this onslaught of scissors on a helplessly bound soldier who must endure the worst pain imaginable. This will prove that he can withstand any torture if held captive by the enemy. Her massive legs clamp his head so tight you'd think it was going to pop off. His face is drenched in fear and his body flails around desperately as his survival is uncertain. MuscleFoxx then demonstrates just how easily she can make a man pass out with her figure-4 as her calf and thigh constrict his neck like a boa and squeezes until he goes to sleep. MuscleFoxx then gets up, stomps on his chest and shows off her weapons of mass destruction!
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