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Pressure Gauge: Total Shock!

This was actually the first time Tony's ever been scissored on camera and what better way to do so than by the lovely and insanely powerful Nessie. Her last Pressure Gauge was her best selling video and now she's back to do it again with a new victim. Once she wrapped her big strong thighs around his neck, you can tell Tony was in total shock and got more than he bargained for. He kept his eyes shut, almost like he was in a Zen state of mind, trying to block out the pain. Nessie did not like this and was thirsty for a reaction. She CRANKS up the pressure until he taps and starts to squeal. That makes her much happier and continues to torment him hold after hold, breaking him down. Although Tony requested not to be knocked out, he sure came close a couple of times. After showing this guy what it's like to be a jobber for ScissorFoxes, she stands over him and steps on his chest then his face with her sneaker.
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Two Heads Are Better Than One

Nessie LOVES crushing heads with her big strong thighs so when she walks in the room and sees one guy tied up in ropes and the other in stretch wrap, she felt like a kid in a candy store. She gets a little too excited and nearly knocks Jay out with her first headscissor. Tony, who's never been scissored before, is forced to watch. He's completely shocked and extremely nervous as Nessie slowly makes her way towards him. As her thighs caress the sides of his head, he braces himself for what he knows is coming. Nessie has a reputation of having incredible power in her squeeze so Tony closes his eyes and tries to hold in his natural reaction. Completely immobilized in stretch wrap, there's not much else he can do. Nessie squueeezes his bald head and has her way with him. She bounces back and forth between the 2 victims, squishing one head then the other. She then suddenly comes up with a great idea to scissor both of them at the same time. She wraps her legs tightly around both necks then locks her ankles. Nessie has a blast and we're sure you will too watching her conquer both helpless men.
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Black Widow's Killer Thigh Hold!

This is one of the best videos ScissorFoxes has ever produced. The amazingly talented Nessie pulls off the perfect Black Widow who is famous for taking down bad guys with her "thigh hold". The trained assassin begins with a combo of punches, knees and kicks which gets the thug to hunch over in pain. Her legs then fly up in the air, executing an astounding handstand scissorhold which, by his reaction, is tight as hell. Scissor after scissor, punch after punch, the trader is badly beaten and can't catch his breath. Her thick strong thighs crush him furiously to the point that you think his head is going to pop off. Black widow then locks him in one final scissorhold and as she thrusts repeatedly, she breaks his neck 3 times! You do NOT want to mess with this marvelous sexy woman!
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Scissor Challenge 197

This is our first challenge which includes P.O.V. footage. Not only did we choose the shockingly beautiful Nessie to do this, but check out the outfit she is wearing. Her booty in that leopard thong will have your jaw drop to the floor. The view is SPECTACULAR! You can also see her massive dancer's calves burst out as she props herself on her tippy toes. Nessie is also a great trash talker and will put you in your place. Click here if you are a member to see a still of an amazing knockout in the making. There is NO WAY you aren't going to sleep when she has you like this. WoW! Simply amazing! Nessie rules!
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Poison Ivy's Intoxicating Scissors!

Once again, it's time for Comicon and Nessie ramps it up this year as a super sexy Poison Ivy. Wow! She really looks great in that costume. Since she knows Jay won't want to come with her again, she cooked up an evil plan for him. Not only will she use her strong crushing legs to persuade him but she will also force him to wear a skin tight Black Widow costume. Jay obviously fights her on this but he really doesn't stand a chance. After applying her special Poison Ivy Grapevine, she locks his neck tightly between her legs and starts dressing him. She then knocks him out in a reverse in order for him to start complying. That always seems to work.
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Bedroom Battles Round 5

We all know how amazing Nessie's scissorholds are. Her strong thick legs can EASILY make any men submit. Here we put her wrestling skills to the test in our new popular series "Bedroom Battles". This semi-comp match is not only super sexy but a real eye opener. Nessie is very competitive and loves to win. She swiftly outmaneuvers Jay, making him tap out or, in one instance, pass out. This time not from a scissor but from an arm choke. Watch how proud she is when she realizes what she's done. She smiles from ear to ear but that doesn't stop her from winning more rounds and even taunting him in a schoolgirl pin. This high intensity match is surely one for the collection.
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Scissor Challenge 187

Being held hostage in Nessie's amazing figure-4 is like heaven. Her legs are muscular but soft and she has big calves. She keeps a nice steady pressure on the neck and reminds him that at any moment, she can just flex them and it's lights out. The best is when she props herself up and really puts the squeeze on. Then you really feel the power. She casually entertains herself with her phone as her victim struggles to win the challenge. Nessie is also a brat at heart. She blasts music in his ear while laughing at his pathetic attempts to escape. Well, time's up so Nessie inflates her bulging calf which cuts into his neck until he goes limp. Now that's a true scissor heaven.
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New Year's Resolution:
Crush Everything!

Watch out! 2014 is the year Nessie is going to crush EVERYTHING in sight with her amazingly strong, thick legs! She starts the festivities by slowly squeezing and popping a couple of latex balloons. She then places a pillow in the danger zone and shows us exactly what kind of damage she's capable of. The camera then pans to her victim helplessly tied up and who's about to get the first of Nessie's 2014 scissor rampage. Needless to say, he suffers BIG TIME and to let all of you know that she means business, she snaps his neck with her thighs. So for those of you whos new year resolution is to suffer a plenty, make sure you place yourself in Nessie's path and she'll be happy to make that happen.
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The Ironic Death of
The Masked Strangler

For years, the Masked Strangler has been stalking women, breaking into their homes and choking them in their sleep. That is until today. He went and messed with the wrong woman. Nessie is also known for strangling men but with her insanely strong legs. Years of dancing has made those puppies killing machines and he's about to find out the hard way. Wearing shiny silk pantyhose, the beautiful Nessie shows no mercy to this perpetrator adding kicks and knees and finally the finishing neck SNAP!
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Scissor Hypnosis Gone Wrong

In an attempt to get free scissor sessions for life, Jay decides to kidnap the famous strong legged Nessie and hypnotize her. While in a trance, he tells her to squeeze him hard (the only way he likes it). Before he instructs her to release him with the snap of his fingers, he accidentally drops his pendulum. He tries to reach down and retrieve it but Nessie wraps her thick legs around his neck, preventing him from reaching it. Now he's in trouble! He has no way of stopping her. He tries snapping his fingers but it fails. Her legs are much too strong to escape and with Nessie in a deep trance, he will have to spend the rest of his life in her scissors. Don't try this at home.
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Work Retreat Wrestling Affair

Back at the hotel room, Nessie and her boss review notes from the conference. They accidentally stumble upon a picture of him and his wife wrestling on the laptop. This sparks her interest and what started out as a work session quickly turns into a wrestling match. Jay has a thing for scissors so when he winds up between Nessie's strong legs, he's REALLY happy. That is until his wife calls and Nessie forces him to answer while randomly getting choked out. He hits mute a few times, begging her to let him go, but every time he asks, she tightens the hold more and more. Things get even worst when she starts taking pictures with his phone and threatening to send them to his wife and friends. She then demands a raise which Jay is in no position to negotiate. Things will be different around the office now that he knows what Nessie and her legs are capable of.
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Trekkie Girls Kick Ass!

Space, the final frontier. Well, for Jay that is. When Nessie walks in the room wearing a sexy Star Trek mini dress ready to go to Comic-Con, Jay oversteps his boundaries when he calls her a nerd. Wow, did that set off her off! I don't know about you, but getting your ass kicked by a leggy Star Trek girl would be super hot but he gets his ass handed to him. Nessie applies her own version of the Vulcan grip, knocking him out cold with her strong legs. He is then forced to dress up and join her at the convention or else he will be seeing stars again.
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Neck Breaks Are Forever

Nessie and her STRONG legs are on a mission and there is nothing that can stop her. She is on the hunt for priceless diamonds and tries to obtain their location the only way she knows how. She squeeeezes her victim until he is ready to talk. If he doesn't talk, then he doesn't breathe. Either way, Nessie will break him in or breaks his neck. Well, actually her interrogations always end with a violent neck SNAP!! It's what she does.
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Head "Scissor" Cheerleader

It's game time and there's a reason why Nessie's football team never loses. Out of all the other cheerleaders, Nessie definitely has the biggest and strongest thighs. That is why it is her job to kidnap the most valuable player from the other team and make sure he is never seen again. He may be too young to die but what a way to go. Victory Nessie!
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Scissor Challenge 157

Nessie adds a couple new twists to this scissor challenge in pantyhose. First, if Jay fails to escape her reverse, he must smell her dirty stinky socks for a minute. Second, every time his hands get near her legs to try and escape, she squeezes extra hard making it impossible for him. Nessie is a real brat and loves toying with her prey. Must see!
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Death by Pantyhose

Imagine yourself trapped in Nessie's powerful thighs. Now imagine them being covered in silky smooth pantyhose. You are at the total mercy of her strong scissors. Can you imagine having your life in her hands legs? Watch Eric suffer a vicious Neck Break after upsetting the goddess. She then calls the hotel lobby to dispose of the dead body.
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Pressure Gauge: Knockout Brat

Jay quickly realizes that he's in BIG trouble after Nessie clamps her thighs around his neck and tells him it's only 30% of her power. His eyes pop wide open as he tries to tap out. Nessie just giggles and tightens her grip. She knocks him out with a figure-4 without even noticing. She's still squeezing when he wakes up. He passes out again in a reverse!
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Kick My Boyfriend's Ass!

Nessie felt the tension between Jay and his girlfriend when they picked her up from the airport. Once they arrived at the hotel and tied Jay up for the first video, his girlfriend told Nessie to kick his ass. Nessie smiled. She wraps her strong legs around Jay and makes him scream while his girlfriend eggs her on and tells her to knock his bitch ass out.
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