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Feeding Her Aggression

Here at ScissorFoxes, we always encourage our girls to feed their aggression and squeeze Jay as tight as they possibly can. Nikita was so excited but a little scared of what her strong dancer legs could do to him. But once she started squeezing, she just loved it and made Jay squirm like a little bitch.
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Scissor Challenge 123

After years of exotic dancing, clutching onto poles with her firm thighs, you can imagine how strong Nikita's scissors are. This sexy goddess is quick to put Jay in his place and keep him there. Once she wraps her smooth sexy legs around his neck, it's showtime and there really is NO escaping her reverse headscissor!
  Added Jun-24-2011
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Boy Toy

As a girl who loves to scissor, Nikita must always have a boy toy on hand to squeeze and fulfill her scissor urges. She keeps him tied up and holds him against his will. At any given time, Nikita forces her boy toy between her strong thighs and crushes him with all her strength because that's the way she likes it.
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Pressure Gauge: Russian Roulette

When you stick your head between Nikita's strong sculpted thighs, you are playing with fire. This beautiful girl is Russian/Chinese (a deadly sexy combo) and was a dancer for many years. Her extraordinary legs pack a lot of punch and shows that a Pressure Gauge can be just as dangerous as Russian Roulette.
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