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Nikki Fierce
Bedroom Battles Round 7

If you've seen the other Nikki videos, you know that she has knocked out Jay a few times already. She has amazing control and loves doing it. So mush so, that before they start this Bedroom Battle semi-comp match, Jay asked her not to knock him out again which Nikki responds with a smile: "We'll see". So the match starts and Nikki simply dominates him. Her strength and speed is out of this world. She first gets him in a headlock and scissors his arm which he feels is about to snap. She then climbs onto his back and gets him in a rear naked choke followed by arm bars, tight scissors and more. Nikki quickly wears him down to the point that he has no more fight in him left. That's when she goes in for the kill. She forces him into her reverse headscissor and totally ignores his initial request. She knocks him out good. REAL GOOD!
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Nikki Fierce
Black Belt Bully

Nikki is one tough bitch who's highly trained to kick some serious ass, boy or girl. When teaching her mixed martial arts class, she expects everyone to keep up. Watch what happens after class when she approaches one of her weakest students. Nikki's inner bully comes out and starts picking on the scrawny guy. She jabs him in the gut then grabs him in a headlock and says: "I think it's fine time you properly get your ass kicked. I need to make an example out of you." She takes him down to the ground, pinning his arm between her strong legs and smothers his face. She then applies a grapevine until he taps out followed by a triangle choke which she threatens how easily she can knock him out with. She continues to beat him up with brutal scissors, more punches and various other holds making him tap out over and over again. The black belt bully also reminds him how much of an embarrassment he is. She then wraps her belt around his neck and reels him into her thighs, making this scissor EXTRA tight. By the end, while crushing him in a bodyscissors, she makes him promise to try harder in class. She then stands up and applies a foot choke, warning him that if he doesn't, HE IS DONE!
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Nikki Fierce
Scissor Challenge 201

Now when it comes to Nikki Fierce, 10 seconds in her reverse headscissor can be more than enough. So you can understand why Jay would be terrified to do this 10 minute challenge with her. Even Nikki said she can smell his fear but the show must go on and Jay volunteers his neck. Luckily Nikki is a mastermind at scissorholds and gives him a whole array of sensations ranging from a neck massage to all out scream-till-your-head-pops-off squeezing. She occasionally pins his wrists or grabs her ankle, cranking him into a reverse figure-4 making sure he's in deep. Towards the end, she gives him one last chance to escape before she knocks him out. Jay pulls her entire body off the floor trying to pry her legs apart but there is no escaping Nikki's grip. As promised, she clamps down and KOs him. The crazy thing is after knocking him out, she thought he was faking it and started putting him back into the hold until she noticed his jaw quivering and realized he really was out cold. "You almost got another one" she says with a giggle. Nikki is a knockout machine!
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Nikki Fierce
The Bossman's Assassin Sister

Everyone's scared of the Bossman, especially if you owe him money. But the real threat is his sadistic assassin sister. She's as sexy as she is deadly. The last thing you want is the Bossman to sick his sister after you. She spends most of her days training her legs, sculpting them into the perfect set of weapons. Watch as she finally finds a runner who owes her brother money hiding in a hotel room. She wakes him up and he suddenly finds himself between those concrete thighs. In fact, she squeezes him so hard, his face literally turns into the deepest shade of purple and looks like it's going to pop (check out the preview pic). After suffering through THE MOST excruciating scissorholds, grapevines and schoolgirl pins, her godly thighs snap his neck like a twig.
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Nikki Fierce
Pressure Gauge: Twice The Power!

Our poor new victim Wes, who has NEVER been scissored before, has to do a Pressure Gauge for his first video with none other than the almighty Nikki Fierce. What a way to lose your scissor virginity. Nikki takes turns putting Wes and Jay in different scissor holds as she slowly raises the pressure. Both of them can't even handle 50% of her power and if you've seen other Pressure Gauge videos, this just proves how insanely strong Nikki is. Both guys try and compete with each other to take more but that just gets them in big trouble. Twice stubborn Jay tries his damnedest not to tap and gets knocked out. That's what you get. Nikki shows no mercy and loves knocking people out! Wes was afraid to get knocked out but still did great for his first time considering Nikki's thighs of steel has twice the power of most women and can easily pop a man's head off. Let us know who you think suffered the most.
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Nikki Fierce
You Have The Right To Go To Sleep!

Are you prepared to witness one of the most viscous knockouts you've ever seen? We were warned about Nikki Fierce's unthinkable scissor strength but nothing could prepare Jay for this. Not only was this the first video they shot together but Nikki, dressed as a very sexy cop, handcuffs his hands behind his back. Now, imagine how terrifying it would be to lose the ability to tap out while her rock solid thighs try to touch each other through your neck. Words can't describe how strong she is. After one of the most brutal ass kickings Jay has ever experienced, she reads him her "version" of his rights then clamps down, knocking him out in 5 seconds flat with a reverse headscissor. He's out for about 10 seconds before she realizes it and when she lets him go, he starts doing the funky bacon. The weight of his limp body tightens his cuffs, leaving huge dents and bruises. He said his hands were on fire. What a show! NIKKI RULES!
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