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Shock Collar: Boys Never Learn!

Sometimes boys take a little more time and effort to train. That's the purpose of our Shock Collar program which has a 100% success rate. Apparently Eric is very stubborn so when he starts his treatment session with the lovely but deadly Nyxon, she has to be extra rough on him. The object of this lesson is to avoid touching the strong legs which are tightly wrapped around his neck strangling him. It's VERY hard to resist the urge of prying those legs apart, especially since they are restricting his breathing. Nonetheless, this is how it must be done. Stubborn Eric continues to try and free himself from her grip so Nyxon, in return, adds more pressure, slowly breaking him down. You can see how much she invests into her scissorholds as she grinds her teeth and extends her entire body. In the end, she gets the results and Eric is a slave to the woman race. Welcome to the club.
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Scissor Challenge 188

Nyxon is much stronger than she looks and her scissors can actually be quite unbearable. When Eric arrived at the shoot, he was not expecting to go home with such a sore neck. Jay had already done a video with her so he knew full well that the 10 minute reverse challenge would be murderous which is why he convinces Eric to do it. Well, that was smart on his part because Eric really got it. Just watch Nyxon grind her teeth as she tries to pop his head off. That is one tight ass reverse!
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Silk Spectre's Thigh Hold

Silk Spectre is well known for her unarmed combat. She uses gymnastic equipment and dumbbells to train almost continually, sculpting herself into being the smart, skilled crime-fighter she aspired to be. Taking down 2 full grown men is nothing for her. After snapping one of their necks with her bicep, she punishes the other between her relentless thighs, giving him the full superhero treatment until his neck finally cracks from too much power! These guys should know better than to mess with an athletic girl in a hot outfit.
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Kill Switch!

Not only is Nyxon HOT but she's MUCH stronger than she looks! Wearing a sexy silver thong bikini with a single leg tie-up, Nyxon is eager for her bondage show in Toronto. Before heading out, she asks her friend if she can practice a simple bondage rig on him. He couldn't say no. After tying him up REAL tight, she notices how late it is. She regrets to tell him that she won't have time to untie him until she gets back from the show. He gets upset and calls her the "C" word. BIG MISTAKE! Nyxon turns around and loses it! She wraps her legs around him so tight, he squeals like a bitch and prays that she lets him go. He tries to remind her that she's running late but she doesn't care anymore and squeezes so hard, he passes out. Every girl has a kill switch and Jay found out the HARD way.
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