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Princess Samantha
Scissor Challenge 210:
Xtreme Restraints

Every few years, the gorgeous Princess Samantha comes all the way from the UK just to squeeze Jay until his face turns purple. She's as mean as she is beautiful and has the perfect malicious attitude. She applies a very tight reverse headscissor while his wrists are chained to the bed which are just out of reach of her silky smooth legs. So even if she squeezes too tight, which she does many times, he can't even attempt to pry himself from her clutches. Samantha teases him a couple times by letting him go, making him think it's over then jumping back on him and squeezing his neck even harder while jolting her legs. When the challenge is over, she leans over him and extends her entire body, making sure she gets all the leverage she needs to make him pass out. Wow! this girl is amazing!
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Princess Samantha
007: Scissor Galore

Scissor Galore is one of the hottest but most dangerous Bond villains yet. Don't let her super model look and sexy accent fool you. Her legs were genetically engineered to be 7 times stronger than the average man. She uses them to slowly crush her opponents, making sure they suffer a long painful death. Once trapped in her inescapable grip, she enjoys watching them squirm as she squeezes harder and harder, flattening out their neck. Often, she'll accidentally knock them out before she gets to finish them. After waking up from his little nap, Scissor Galore stares at him with absolutely no remorse. She starts squeezing again. When she's finally satisfied with the amount of pain he's endured, she violently SNAPS her legs and breaks his little neck. Simply awesome!
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Princess Samantha
Star Wars Girls Kick Ass!

Princess Samantha is back and she is HOTTER and STRONGER than ever! Just check out the definition in her legs. The first thing she told us is how she's been practicing her scissorholds and has made many men pass out. Well, she wasn't kidding. Her scissors rocked Jay's world! After hours of building her Lego Millennium Falcon, Jay pokes fun at her and starts playing with it. He then accidentally drops it, sending pieces flying everywhere. Samantha grabs him by the hair, throws him to the ground and locks on the tightest reverse headscissors, knocking him out cold and doesn't stop squeezing. When he wakes up, he is tied up and still trapped between Samantha's angry thighs. She makes him pay BIG TIME with loads of panic and knocks him out again just to make a point. The force is STRONG with this one!
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Princess Samantha
Scissor Challenge 138

Samantha is a financial dom and can be very persuasive. After making Jay sleep on the couch, she wakes him up by kicking him off it. She then demands that he buys her dinner at the CN tower. Jay refuses but Samantha quickly shows him that saying "No" is not an option. Forcing him into a tight reverse, he has no choice but to obey or suffer in her grip.
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Princess Samantha
Queen of the Castle

When they noticed their room only had 1 bed and a pull-out couch, Jay tries claiming the bed. Samantha quickly blocks the door to the bedroom. He tries to out manoeuvre her and pass through her legs but she locks them up. This beauty queen always gets what she wants and she won't stop squeezing until he forfeits.
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Princess Samantha
Pressure Gauge: UK's Meanest Girl

This stunning model from the UK can hypnotize you with her beauty but what's even sexier is that she has a mean dominant side to her. Watch Samantha crank up the heat in her pressure gauge as she puts her amazing toned legs to good use. Unleashing her mean streak on Jay, you don't want to miss this!
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Princess Samantha
The Slave Den

Not only is Samantha amazingly beautiful with a sexy body but she also LOVES to be spoiled and worshipped. When she travels, she deserves the best and at the Slave Den, she gets it. The room comes with a complimentary slave. Watching her slave squirm between her tight scissors makes Samantha VERY happy.
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