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Queen Rita
The Danger Zone

When Rita puts you in her Danger Zone, there are no words to describe the pain and fear you will experience. Jay was way too chicken to do this Bondage video and had to beg William to step in. It's already bad enough to be scissored by Rita's insane legs but to be tied up as well is suicide. Poor William was brought to tears. See for yourself!
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Queen Rita
Scissor Challenge 152

There are no words to describe the horror Jay went through in this video. If you have experienced Rita's scissors or even watched her crush some poor guy between her rock solid thighs, you know how much pain she can inflict. Jay taps the entire time as Rita puts him through hell. He barely lasts 9 minutes before she knocks him flat out cold.
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Queen Rita
Bow To The Queen!

Our latest victim was in shock after watching Queen Rita destroy Jay in the prior video. William was very hesitant to subdue himself to her mercy but once she pointed down and said "BOW TO YOUR QUEEN", he knew he had lost his chance to run. Rita literally brings him to tears with her insane power. This is one experience he will never forget!
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Queen Rita
10 Minutes of Scissor Hell

This is the most insane video on ScissorFoxes to date. You will actually feel bad for Jay after watching this. He described the experience as the most terrifying video he has ever done and that it felt like being crushed between 2 steel pillars. Queen Rita knocks him out in the first minute sending him into convulsions. You have to see this!
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