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The REAL Scissor Goddess!

What some of you may or may not know is before ScissorFoxes, Jay started a website called ScissorGoddess with his ex-girlfriend. Fast forward 9 years later, he must face another woman who's known as the Scissor Goddess. Even though his ex has long retired from wrestling, Rapture puts him in the tightest front headscissors and ACTUALLY forces him to call his ex and tell her who the REAL Scissor Goddess is! Rapture then gets on the phone and says: "That's right. I am the f***ing Scissor Goddess Bitch!" and hangs up on her. Jay's torture only gets worse from there. Rapture is determined to drill this in his head and absolutely scares the crap out of him with her scissors. She is MUCH stronger and MUCH more muscular than his ex. The only break he got was when she finally knocks him out with her vise-like reverse. The second she clamps her ass muscles, he's out like a light. Make no mistake. Rapture is the REAL Scissor Goddess!
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Schoolgirl Pin Challenge 2

When Rapture pins you down you are FINISHED! Just ask Mark who's 6'0 and 225 lbs. Rapture is a goddess with incredible muscles and strength so even a big guy like this doesn't stand a chance. Rapture holds him firmly in a tight schoolgirl pin and flexes her amazing biceps, occasionally letting him feel them. She also takes the opportunity to give him some very hard belly punches. Mark tries to push her off but she's as solid as a rock. There is NO moving her. Rapture then takes it up a notch and covers his nose and mouth with her hand, depriving him of air. Towards the end, she rolls to her side, locks her ankles and shows off her squeezing power. Her front headscissor is as deadly as they come and has Mark tapping over and over again. She finally lets him go and strikes a nice victory pose.
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The Smother & Facesitting Therapist

Trent has been struggling with his smother and facesitting addiction his entire life and finally decides to seek professional help. Rapture comes HIGHLY recommended and you're about to find out why. After sharing his secret fetish, Rapture gets him to put on leather cuffs while she slowly undresses revealing the hottest ass and breasts he has ever seen. She locks his hands behind his back and plunges towards him, smothering his face between her ample chest. She then proceeds to sit on his face, denying him of any air. Just watch her booty dance up and down. It's completely mesmerizing. Then come the scissors, crushing and taunting him while she plays with her own tits. The fun doesn't stop there. She uses more facesitting, tight scissorholds and adds in a foot choke, hoping to break him down. Rapture has a perfect record so if her "methods" fail, she will have to get rid of him...permanently. Trent's fetish is rooted too deeply and without warning, Rapture breaks his neck with her muscular thighs. Who's next?
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Scissor Rockstar!

Rapture is a Scissor Rockstar and here's why. First of all, she fu**ing ROCKS! Second, her muscles are outstanding and ROCK solid. Last but not least, she can knock you out and make you see STARS at any moment because her scissors are just that hard. If you have any doubt, check out this extreme video filled with insane panic. What was supposed to be a Pressure Gauge ended being a full power, destroy Jay, show the world how strong my scissors are type of video. It got SO intense that Jay was actually scared to do any more videos with her. Rapture quickly goes from one headscissor to the next, making him gurgle, tap and scream. She throws in some bodyscissors, chokeholds, flexing and schoolgirl pins. She then whips him on the bed and traps him in a reverse headscissor where she knows she is going to make him pass out. He wakes up to her flexing her biceps and quads while he tries to piece together what just happened. You gotta see this for yourself!
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