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Fight To The Death: The Massacre!

It's no wonder Robin has conquered the ring so many times. She can kick some serious ass. In this Fight To The Death, Jay really tries to pin Robin but she is SO quick, he spends most of his time trying to wiggle himself out of her many wrestling holds. He gets completely massacred! She unleashes an arsenal of deadly moves and all he can do is scream. Unfortunately, that won't help him here because the only way this match ends is if you are the last one breathing and Robin does not make that easy for Jay. Her vicious thighs earn her the victory as she executes a Neck Breaker Scissor Fatality!
  Added Nov-26-2013
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Shock Collar: Panic Attack!

If you like LOTS of hardcore panic, then you will LOVE this video! Robin's scissors are capable of insane amounts of pressure so you better believe that Jay is about to suffer BIG TIME! Robin tries to show him some control by squeezing extra tight every time he touches her legs. What's even scarier is that Robin makes it hard for him to breathe so his instincts are to pry them apart in order to get some air. She squeezes so hard she knocks him out twice in a row with a spectacular reverse. Must see!
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Scissor Challenge 171

This is the longest Scissor Knockout on ScissorFoxes to date. For those who have experienced Robin's reverse headscissor know how deadly it is and how easy she can put someone out. 41 seconds into the video, Jay is out cold for an entire 36 seconds. Starting with his arm flopping down, then silence and strange facial expressions, followed by snorting which indicated to Robin that he was out, Jay wakes up very confused and making the oddest sounds. Unfortunately for him, the challenge has just begun and Robin locks him back in adding belly punches into the mix. At the end, Robin accidentally snaps his neck. WOW!
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Scissor Hostage: Live or DIE!

Talk about a way to go! Robin's lethal thighs really do a number on her hostage. While holding him captive in her scissor prison, she negotiates his life over the phone, demanding money for his freedom. Robin knocks him out with a reverse to let them know she means business. She then toys with her hostage, forcing him to talk on the phone but then tightens her grip, rendering him speechless. She grows tired of the negotiations and quickly puts an end to it by SNAPPING his neck. Onto her next victim.
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